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    Openbox Openbox V8S Receiver Need US Sats Not foreign

    Hi I just hooked up my New Openbox V8S and it only came with Foreign Satellites to program. I live in the New York Area and need US Satellites for my 10 foot dish. Anyone can direct me to a area where I can can get the Bin that I need.........Thanks........JS
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    Having problems with Linkbox 9000i and G16 C Band

    I hope I can get some help I have a 10 foot dish with actuator and using a Traxis 6000 HD receiver. Seems that I get all the satellites and my Traxis 6000 gets around 50 - 60 stations on C band on G16. Replaced it today with a Linkbox 9000i Only stations that I can get are the 8 LESEA stations...