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  1. howie14

    Big Ten to Expand?

    I have no dog in this hunt (Hail to the Towson Tigers, We're true to the Black and Gold) but who the heck went to a 17,000 student high school? :D
  2. howie14

    Los Angeles is now one step closer to bringing back the NFL

    Which is fascinating because I would have argued the exact same thing about Oakland when the Raiders were in LA. There must be something about Al Davis which makes fans like him more from afar... None of the Canadian venues would be of NFL caliber except Toronto and the refurbed BC Place...
  3. howie14

    Kornheiser suspended for 2 weeks for comments about someone's wardrobe?!

    To be fair to Storm, I've never heard or read anything indicating that she either commented or complained about Tony's remarks. Interestingly, a local sports talk show in Baltimore has been doing a "What's Hannah Wearing?" segment for at least a year. The host and his female producer discuss...
  4. howie14

    Rex Hudler, Steve Physioc no longer Angels broadcasters

    Rex played for the Orioles for a short time and in recent years he'd usually be interviewed on the sports talk shows here whenever the Birds were playing the Angels. I personally get a kick out of him, but I can see where some people might find him easier to take in small doses.
  5. howie14

    UFL Ignored

    I think it has too much the look of a staged TV show. The uniforms seem to be the same pattern put out in different colors, I think I read that the teams all practice in Florida and just come in for games. If that's true than there is no effort to promote the teams as belonging to the cities...
  6. howie14

    Browns Fire GM Phil Savage, RAC to follow

    And the puts you one set of colors, one set of records, a history, and a name ahead of Baltimore. Actually, when the team moved here, the Ravens FO had to completely breakdown the old Browns in order to get their own team. Most of the players who came from Cleveland to Baltimore were quickly...
  7. howie14

    Browns Fire GM Phil Savage, RAC to follow

    Savage is a great evaulator of talent, but it is possible that he doesn't have the other necessary skills to succeed in the big chair. I must admit that when he was first offered the Browns job that I wanted the Ravens to give him their GM job and retire Ozzie, thinking that Phil had been more...