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    NBR recording

    I have had a SA tivo for 2+years now. What is the advantage of season pass over Name Base Recording if any. On NBR can you specify 1st run only,no duplicate etc? I have had E* for 3+ yrs before that BUD. Just need to know if it would be worth going to D* to get their DVR.
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    Reasons why you should NOT get a 522.

    My neigbore after putting up with the 522 problems turned it in and went back to TW cable.
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    New Equipment for Old Customers

    You might consider switching them to Directtv. You can get a Directtivo and standard receiver for $99 and some reduced programing for six month. Unless you just want to stick with E* you might want to check them out.
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    HD Tivo and 921 comparisons

    No Their is no SA tivo for Hd just SD. There is on sch. plan for one as of yet. Can only hope.
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    Poll: How long until Viacom/Dish settle?

    Once my year subcription is up in April I going to D* anyhow.(for the HDtivo). Hope this don't make the waiting list for D* longer when I do.
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    ReplayTV or TiVO??

    Voom is HD. My SAtivo is great with E* don't know about Voom. But you won't be able to record or watch anything in HD just SD which I assume that Voom has output for 480i. I would think about checking out the Directtv HDtivo which is suppose to be coming out end of this month.
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    Ota Cbs Msg

    Just seen ota msg come scrolling across the screen on CBS that if you have DishNetwork that you might be losing the signal from CBS
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    Can the HD Directivo be so compelling as to break your loyalty to Dish?

    I have a SAtivo now and couldn't do without it(my wife also). My year subcription to E* is up end of April. No committment just like to pay by the year. Hopefully the HDtivo will be out by then and should get a review on what people rates it. At that time will get the $99 Directtivo deal...
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    Fed up with DishNetworks delays

    I have a standalone tivo I use now. and can't do without it. Course it's not HD. I am tivo spoiled. I guess it's the main reason I am looking at D*.
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    Fed up with DishNetworks delays

    I cancel my order for the 811 after many delays and ask them to credit my MC back for the amount. When I got my MC bill they hadn't. I found out that they had just credited my E* account for the amount. I finally got it straight and they credited my MC for the amount. When my year...
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    PPV not showing up on account.

    I don't have any problem. Whether I order one or five movies it shows up on my next monthly bill
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    811 Offer no longer available

    Moving to D8 I am glad I cancel my 811 order. I have a standalong tivo and love it. I have a year subscription to E*which is up in April. At that time I am going over to D* with their HD tivo. Been a E* subcriber for 3+ years
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    Straight and Simple: D* or E*?

    Been E* subscriber for 3+ years now but am thinking about going over to D* because of the hdtivo. I have standalone Tivo now and you can't beat the options you have with it. If 921 had Tv sch. like Tivo I might stay
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    Sampling of Where the 811 Installs are Being Rescheduled

    Well my scheduled install for was canceled for Jan 2, Austin,Tx. and changed to Jan 15. I just canceled my order and told them I would think about it down the line.