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    Uniden SQ530 +10ft dish

    Have already gotten rid of receiver.
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    Uniden SQ530 +10ft dish

    Owner manul was printed in 1994. Think that's about when I bought it. It one where the VCll plugs in the back. On side the serial is ********** and it said the date of MFG is (0llD) what ever that means. I am sure the battery in the VCll has ran down by now.
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    Uniden SQ530 +10ft dish

    I have a Uniden SQ530 with VCII I haven't used in three years. They were working when I unpluged them. All I want is what it will cost to ship them. Also have a defected VCII will ship with it if wanted. I also have a 10 ft steel mess pinhook disk I need to get rid of if anybody around Austin...
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    C-Band and Dish Network

    Your c-band is a lower frequency is mostly the reason you don't get rain fade. The higher the frequency(shorter wave lenght) the more lightly you will get rain fade.