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  1. Remington

    Nimiq 6 Footprint map released

    CRTC doesn't want it. The providers wouldn't mind otherwise. Which sane company would refuse customers? :-)
  2. Remington

    Expressvu vs SC HD

    Yeah it make sense. I am still not sure wich one to get, I'll check the listings.
  3. Remington

    Expressvu vs SC HD

    I see, interesting... That's for the standard tv or HDTV also ? (12 chan/TP)
  4. Remington

    Expressvu vs SC HD

    Sorry if it has been asked before but I can't find a thread about it. I am moving to the country soon and I'll have to switch from digital cable to Expressvu or SC. Is there any difference in the PQ with the HD channels? I know Iceberg call Expressvu "Compressvu" and has a sub with SC so I...