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  1. flampher

    Echostar 16 at 61.5W

    77 is much strong here in Central Vermont! Levels read on my 722k are In The 50's much better than before. Burlington Vermont seem to be on transponder 30 spotbeam on 61.5,also.
  2. flampher

    Echostar 16 Launch - November 20 2012

    November 20, 2012 10:46 pm (GMT) ILS Communications Team We have had a successful mission with the ILS Proton Rocket, carrying the EchoStar XVI satellite built by Space Systems/Loral for EchoStar. We have had...
  3. flampher

    Signal Strength request.

    from central Vermont 59 61,55 21
  4. flampher

    Just got a 722 replaced with a 722k, questions

    Wow I had almost the same problem and results except no dish moving I got a 722K with no OTA Module. I called Dish and they shipped me one UPS Blue at no charge. All happy here
  5. flampher

    L725 on 722

    Dish was here as I have a service contact (I forgot to cancel it) He measured the signal and it was fine, he swapped out with a 722K and levels are normal now.
  6. flampher

    L725 on 722

    Still low signal, and now I am getting some pixalation and shifting, especially on TBS. I just got a WD EHD and moved my recording on to it as this appears to be a failing 722. Anybody else ever have these symptoms? I have gone thru several receivers in the last few years but they all developed...
  7. flampher

    L725 on 722

    I just found this thread as I was going to open a new one with a somewhat similar question. I also have a 722 w/ L725 software. I was checking my signal levels today and tonight and my levels are very very low, reading them in the point dish screen. I checked my 612 upstairs and they are fine. I...
  8. flampher

    MLB network

  9. flampher

    MLB network

    Thanks but I have read every post and I still do not undersatnd it. There are two game on tonight. A's and Twins and Giants Diamondbacks. I get neither and can't see any explanation as to why. Now both games are on a RSN somewhere but not mine. I guess I will watch it on my ipod and be happy I...
  10. flampher

    MLB network

    I don't get it. Why can't I get the Giants, Diamondbacks game in Vermont tonight. It is in the guide info but the game is not available. I hit the help button and it says it is blacked out in my area. My RSN is NESN. This game is not on ESPN or the networks tonight. I did not get the games last...
  11. flampher

    Yankees Baseball

    Not HD though. I have had these superstations for years and have not watched them at all since I went HD a couple of years ago, kind of forgot I had them, probably should drop them. Wish they were HD!
  12. flampher

    More 61.5 HD Migrations Coming...

    Good question! anybody have any idea?
  13. flampher

    Lost 77 overnight .... what's wrong

    77 has never come in as strong as it does now. Of course i get no programing off from it, but I used to.
  14. flampher

    Free On Demand NEW Release Movies!!

    Yep ! $6.99 Dang it, oh well.... I should have known better.... I was happy with the 1080p though. Secretariat looked good, and they have fixed the audio bug they had with my Sony Bravia so many moons ago when I rented the 99 cent special. But there is still a bug in this program as it now...
  15. flampher

    Free On Demand NEW Release Movies!!

    I also saw this and am downloading a "free" 1080p movie, I have a slow DSL so it has been downloading for a day now. I was wondering at the time if this was some kind of promotion for 1080p on demand. I guess not. I have noticed that there has not been a 1080p title available for rental in the...
  16. flampher

    Issues with TP14 on 61.5

    Stable here at 43, seems like I remember it being higher though
  17. flampher

    POS 722K no more VOD's for this unit

    I had the same problem with my 722, and my DVR functions were also very erratic. After countless calls and reboots I finally got a tech that told me it was a bad hard drive. I replaced the unit and it started downloading that evening and now have 23 VOD titles.
  18. flampher

    61.5 Spotbeams poor this eve

    Is anyone having problems with the Spotbeams on this bird? My signals are terrible, and my local networks are poor. for instance transponder 5 is normally 86 and is now 37. tpd 13 is only in the teens.(That is the one my locals are on) The signals from the "new bird" are fine at 61.5.... 72 ,77...
  19. flampher

    Sluggish 722k menus fixed

    Menu 6,1,6 ....TV enhancements in the installations menu