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    DTV Comcast rumor

    At a home show a Comcast rep said when the DTV switch happens next February that Comcast will also switch over to a digital only signal. I argued and even pointed out on their website they said people with old analog TVs will not have to do anything if they have cable. So was he being an idiot...
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    after market cable box?

    This is from my sister. I have DTV so have no idea. Thanks for any help: You know the digital cable box we have for the downstairs TV, can we buy one somewhere to hook up to a TV upstairs or do we have to rent through Comcast? I looked at Circuit City and the only thing I see there is for...
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    Ends on RG6 cable

    Nevermind. One line on the connector pakage, that included the screw on tool, says the connectors are for RG-59.
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    Ends on RG6 cable

    It's at home; no home internet. I'll post in 16 hours.
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    Ends on RG6 cable

    I understand the comment, I've seen bad crimps including the ones in my house from previous owner and even cable installer. The last time I did this, there were not so many choices. Everything was RG6 and form fit crimpers. At the box store, nothing was labeled right. The cable is not Quad...
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    Ends on RG6 cable

    I bought a roll of RG6. I always used crimp connectors before but saw the twist on types and liked the look. After two hours I cannot get them on. The diagram shows bending the braid back over the outer coating, then twist the connector on but it is not working. The connector goes back but...