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    Help me pick an antenna

    Can I glom onto this thread? Local radio shack’s are closing (waits for cheers to die down) and they are selling outdoor antennas for 60% off. In the store the is labeled...
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    Antenna In Attic

    First question, does you garage, antenna and the station's tower lie on the same line? Second, have you tried moving the antenna when the car is not in the garage to see if the station gets picked up again? Third, if it's the weakest signal, is the antenna pointed at it? Assuming it's a...
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    Rural antennas and lightning rods

    I would have made the subject “The things you’ll see!” but wanted to draw eyes. I am getting an outside antenna and driving a convertible I’ve been watching rooflines around town to see what people are using. This weekend going through central PA I came to an area that had a lot of antennas...