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  1. jerryez

    Why are my episodes of Yellowstone disappearing?

    I was recording all the episodes of Yellowstone and yesterday when I went to start watching them. Season 1 and the 1st episode of Season 2 were deleted. How long is Paramount allowing us to keep them, before they delete? I am recording off the free preview.
  2. jerryez

    How do I view the 16 tuners?

    I switched from the HWS to the Hopper 3 and wanted to view what was recording on the 16 tuners on my Hopper3. How do I pull up to view the 16 tuners on the Hopper 3?
  3. jerryez

    How many Hoppers and Joeys are allowed?

    How many Hoppers and Joeys are allowed? If Dish has no limit, who on this site has the most Dish equipment?
  4. jerryez

    Consumer Reports petition to stop Comcast from setting data caps.

    Click link and then sign petition:
  5. jerryez

    Dish Liability?

    The Dish technician insisted that I let him move the Dish off my eve of the roof and let him install it directly on my roof. Now after several years, the Dish screws into my roof have leaked and my roof and joists have rotted below the Dish. Is Dish Liable for the damage to my roof?
  6. jerryez

    Hopper updates?

    Why is it that I get Samsung phone updates or Microsoft windows updates and never have a problem, but when Dish issues updates there are various side problems incurred because of the update?
  7. jerryez

    Roku want my credit card to register?

    I went to setup my Roku and they want my credit card number to setup an account. I do not want to buy movies or pay Roku for subscribed channels. Why do they require my CC #. Will the Roku work without registering it?
  8. jerryez

    Which Roku to buy?

    I see so many different models of Roku for sale on Amazon. Other than price, what features should I look for. Is there a best model(yet not too expensive).
  9. jerryez

    Dish SD channels?

    Why does Dish still broadcast SD channels? It is a pain to look thru the add channels list to see if I want to add a channel to my Favorite list and all I see are mostly SD channels. Who has DIsh that cannot get the HD channels. Even if your tv is not HD , can't it still receive the HD channel...
  10. jerryez

    Will Dish force us Welcome Pack subscribers to change packages or drop Dish?

    I see ALL references to Welcome Pack are gone from the Dish site. Will Dish force all us Welcome Pack subscribers to change packages or leave Dish(My Choice). How much longer until they try this crap? I get my internet from Cox Cable and the internet/cable package is a good deal. I will switch...
  11. jerryez

    Switching to Hopper 3?

    I have a Hopper w/sling and I am considering switching to the Hopper 3. I currently have a solo node 185834. Will it work with the Hopper 3 or do I need a different solo node and if so which one?
  12. jerryez

    Hopper with Sling now has U710 update!

    I received firmware update U710 on 12/10/2018. Has anyone else got this or am I the last one and this is old news. Hipkat, do you know what they updated?
  13. jerryez

    HDMI output on Onkyo TX NR676 not working.

    My new TX NR676 HDMI outputs do not work. Main or sub. I hooked up a brand new 18 Gbps HDMI cable and still get no output. I hooked the TiVo directly to the tv and tried all 4 HDMI tv inputs and they work. I disconnected all other HDMI inputs and used the new cable, but could not even access the...
  14. jerryez

    Is Dish ever going to fix the EHD problem?

    Is Dish ever going to fix the EHD problem? I am really getting tired of having to exit and re-enter my EHD every time that I want to watch a recorded program. Its got so bad that I do not transfer any programs to the EHD anymore. I just keep them on the IHD and watch them from there. This is...
  15. jerryez

    What is the simple translation of this Dish announcement?

    DISH Successfully Trials "Next Gen" Broadcast Standard in Spectrum Co.'s Dallas SFN Project DALLAS, April 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- In a significant convergence of wireless and broadcast technologies, DISH today successfully trialed the transmission and reception of the new broadcast ATSC 3.0...
  16. jerryez

    Is Dish dropping Epix channels?

    I still have the Epix channels in my Movie Pack, but they are not listed anywhere on the Dish site any longer. What is happening? I know there was a thread started on this subject, but it is still a problem and the thread went dead.
  17. jerryez

    Is Welcome Pack History?

    I just got this mailer from Dish about the 2018 price increases: Also an promo to encourage me to move up to the Flex Pack: Sounds like the handwriting is on the wall about the end of Welcome Pack. Also, a pep talk about adding Alexa, voice remote, TV Anywhere and all the free promos...
  18. jerryez

    Cox cable raises internet prices again.

    I just received my Cox bill and they raised my bill $2 to $79.99. That is the third time since Jan 2016 that they have raised my internet bill. They just slip in a slight increase hoping nobody will notice. I am now paying twice as much as I pay Dish for tv. I might as well bundle with Coc and...
  19. jerryez

    Here is a List of the 54 Voice Remote commands. Add any more you know of!

    Here is a start from the Dish instructions, but it is not complete. You must press and hold the microphone button on the remote for these to work. Add any more that you know of and I will add them to the main list. Voice Commands Example Commands Categories Actor: "Liam Neeson" Genre: "Movie"...
  20. jerryez

    Update U236, dated 8/2/2017

    I just received U236 update on my HWS and do not see any changes to the problems that I was having. Does anyone see any changes at all?