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  1. myron243

    How much is the Hopper upgrade costing you?

    I got the Hopper and 2 Joeys for the $100 deal. I got a 922 in May of 2010 and returned it and 2 others until I got one that worked in Oct, 2010. I think there may be something else besides returned receivers. I also upgraded a 622 to a 722K a year ago. I'm sure I would be as upset as anyone...
  2. myron243

    From DISH on the Hopper Internet Connector (HIC) and DLNA

    DLNA seems to be a hit or miss on my Hopper. Some days it works, others not. Today it is. The Joey is another matter. BB and VOD both work through the Hopper or ethernet. DLNA does not. I know it's connected because I see it on my router and the broadband shows connected on the Joey. I've...
  3. myron243

    My quest to get DLNA working on the Hopper...

    Just reset my router. Still no DLNA this morning. :(
  4. myron243

    How much is the Hopper upgrade costing you?

    There seem to be quite a few of us who aren't new subs that are getting the $100 upgrade deal. I can understand some who aren't getting the deal being angry but I believe most of the folks who wanted the Hopper are getting the deal. In my case I had upgraded a 622 to a 722K less than a year ago...
  5. myron243

    Hopper/Joey BB, VOD and DLNA Problems

    That was yesterday and this is today. :( Not detecting anything this morning. Yesterday it detected Playon and Windows shares on one desk top and TVersity and Windows shares on the other desktop as well as my WD TV Live Hub. The only files I ever use it for are images and mp3 which worked. It's...
  6. myron243

    Hopper/Joey BB, VOD and DLNA Problems

    I didn't do anything. When I woke up this morning and tried after last night's update it worked. Did you try resetting the Hopper? Or resetting the Hopper Broadband connection? That was sometimes necessary on my 922.
  7. myron243

    Hopper/Joey BB, VOD and DLNA Problems

    Install yesterday and after last night's update the Hopper seems to be fully functional. Well, I haven't tried to put very many timers on it yet. It does have Blockbuster@Home, VOD and the DLNA works. One Joey has BB and VOD but no DLNA. The other Joey doesn't have BB, VOD or DLNA. I tried...
  8. myron243

    My quest to get DLNA working on the Hopper...

    DLNA works on my Hopper but not on either Joey.
  9. myron243

    Hopper/External HD issues

    Read in one of the threads here that this happened to another poster and he PMed Mary in DIRT and she had his Hopper hit with his Home Key again and all is well.
  10. myron243

    Joey has no Internet connectivity via MOCA

    Thank you. However, the DLNA on the Joey still doesn't see anything and on the Hopper which was seeing everything it only sees 3 devices now. Oh well. Trials and tribulations of early adapters, yes? :D
  11. myron243

    Dish ( Hopper) installer calls in sick !!

    Keep your fingers crossed. :) Hopefully they will send you a tech like I had yesterday. 2 1/2 hour install of 1 Hopper and 2 Joeys including replacing the old RG59 with RG6 for the Hopper. The only thing he did with the Joeys while the Hopper was downloading is take thim out of the box and place...
  12. myron243

    Had Hopper Joey Install, on 1 Joey showing as Owned on

    The Hopper and both Joeys installed today show as leased.
  13. myron243


    I asked and he said nah, I'm taking the 922 and 722K back so they'll know you got the Hopper and Joeys. I dunno. :) Just checked and my account shows the Hopper and Joeys and not the 922 and 722K.
  14. myron243

    My quest to get DLNA working on the Hopper...

    Ssame story here. But I'm not sure if it should work the first day or not. A lot of things on the 922 took a couple of days. And I had a similar problem on my 922 last week. It had been a while and several power failures which caused router reboots and nothing was showing on the 922. Did a power...
  15. myron243

    Hopper/Joey Timer Question/Issue

    I was setting up timers on 1 of the Joeys. When I tried to set a timer for Justified from the guide that program was locked and required a password. Tried one of the movies on FX and the timer set ok. Went to the Hoppper and was able to set the Justified timer without the password. No biggie...
  16. myron243

    Tech Will Be Here in About 15 Minutes

    1 Hopper and 2 Joeys done, done and done. About 2 1/2 hours. And that included the little wire pull. Now to be patient while it does it's thing like the 922 so everything is fully functional.
  17. myron243

    Tech Will Be Here in About 15 Minutes

    This is his first Hopper but he seems to know his stuff. He stated he'll get the Hopper up and download all the updates and then start on the Joeys. Right now he is pulling RG6 to the bedroom. It is single story and he was able to get the staples out at the bottom of the 59 and pull it up...
  18. myron243

    Tech Will Be Here in About 15 Minutes

    My appointment window was 12 - 5 so he's within that. After reading some of the install problems, trials and tribulations here I hope he doesn't have to work overtime. If he does I guess I'll order some Papa John's. :D At least everything has been moved off the 922 to the EHD so I'm that far...
  19. myron243

    The Hopper installer has arrived let the fun begin!

    I ordered about the time the installer showed up at your place and was told Sat PM was as soon as they could get to Kingwood. Maybe the installer will have 2 or 3 Hopper installs under his belt.:p When I got my 922 it was the first that installer had done and he had not had any training. He...
  20. myron243

    How much is the Hopper upgrade costing you?

    I'm replacing a 922 and 722K with 1 Hopper and 2 Joeys for $100 and no install (I have the plan :)). Install will be Sat PM.