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  1. kodiak_ak

    StarBand Echo*9 121 & Bjirdog Ultra

    I am trying to lineup a 1.2m Starband dish to orbital slot 121. My Birdog Ultra does not have the file, wondering if anyone has ran into this issue. I downloaded the latest "Specific" list from Birdog.TV site, but the 121 is missing.
  2. kodiak_ak

    Hopper working in Alaska???

    Just installed my first Hopper in Kodiak, Alaska but having issues with getting the Spotbeamed 55xx HD channels on the guide. Anyone have one of these working in Alaska? Local HD channels OK. 1.2 M Channel Master with three LNB's, DPP33 switch, Solo Node.
  3. kodiak_ak

    HDNET issue in Alaska

    I noticed that HDNET channel 5510 is now on the 119 TP3 Spot A-24 and still on the 110 TP7. The problem is that if you have access to the 110 and 119 Sats, my receivers (722 & 211) lock onto the non-spotbeam 5510 on the 110 TP7. If I take the 110 sat offline, then the receiver locks on the...
  4. kodiak_ak

    Alaska HD channels

    The HD channels for Alaska are spotbeamed to us on 110, 129 and now some on the new 119 sat. The channel numbers are mostly 55xx, but on one new 211 receiver I just hooked up has them on 43xx. These channels (43xx & 55xx) are shown on the Satguys List, but why would one location in the same city...
  5. kodiak_ak

    VP 622 does not see 129W

    I used a old 4900 receiver to aim a 1M dish to the 129W (was on the 148). Get only TP 12 with 122 sig strength (old scale). When I connect the dish to my Microyal SW-64 (also has 119 & 110), the VP 622 sees nothing on the 129W. Is this a legacy issue?