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  1. GaryPen

    AirTV Mini and Tivo Stream 4K

    Has anybody used either of these two devices? I'm looking to replace my FireTV devices with Android TV devices that are a little more customizable and open, less locked into an ecosystem like Amazon. These two dongles look pretty good. From just looking online, the Tivo's UI looks better, as...
  2. GaryPen

    118.7 Average Signal Strength?

    I've seen the chart with Dish average/minimum signal strengths. And, it has come in very handy. But, it didn't include 118.7. Does anybody know where I can find one for that bird. Or, perhaps you might have your own readings for Northern California that I can use for comparison. I ask because...
  3. GaryPen

    Dish not showing KTVU soccer game in HD?

    The PQ was so poor, I switched over to OTA, which is noticeably better by a large margin.
  4. GaryPen

    HBO/Cinemax $20 package deal still active?

    Anybody know?
  5. GaryPen

    Does that old "CEO" support email address still work?

    I remember there used to be a support email address that tended to get attention from a higher support tier. I don't remember the exact address, though. I do remember it had "CEO" in it. Does anybody know if that email address is still active, and if they still respond to it? I know that DIRT...
  6. GaryPen

    Dish missing a local channel

    I know we have a thread for missing guide info for local OTA channels. But, this is different. We in the SF Bay Area have an issue I haven't seen since the early days of LiLs. Dish is completely missing a local channel. It's channel 27 KEXT. (Tokyo TV) I have a feeling it's because this channel...
  7. GaryPen

    Commercial Account - Defective Receiver

    I have a defective H24-700 at work. I just want to get it swapped out, the way Dish does for their receivers. But, D* CSR's tell me that because it's a commercial account, I need to contact the local dealer that did the installation over 15 years ago! WTH??? Why can't they just send me a...
  8. GaryPen

    Any Premium Offers?

    In the past, they have offered some premiums at a discount, such as $5 off or half-price for each one. They seemed to be unadvertised. And, I only found out about them here on SatGuys. Does anybody know if anything is going on like that now? I'm thinking of adding SHO and/or HBO for the new...
  9. GaryPen

    Joey with Bluetooth?

    I seem to remember Scott saying that one or more of the new or upcoming Joey models would have Bluetooth. Has that happened yet? And, if so, which model(s)? I think it would be great to be able to use BT headphones in the BR where my Joey (and I assume most subs' Joeys) is located.
  10. GaryPen

    OTA PQ much better than Dish.

    I have always known that the PQ was better OTA than satellite and cable. But, I didn't realize just how much until tonight when comparing the Stanley Cup game on NBC (KNTV 11) between the OTA and Sat tuners on my Hopper. Not only is the image sharper and clearer, the color is deeper and more...
  11. GaryPen


    I know that diplexing OTA does not work on the Hopper feed. But, what about the Joey feed? I thought I remembered that the Joey uses a narrower frequency range that doesn't overlap with OTA freqs.
  12. GaryPen

    Please Add More Color/theme Options

    The default "light" is too light. And, the "dark" is useless, as some text is rendered invisible.
  13. GaryPen

    Has anyone gotten promo pricing on Internet plan?

    I really hate the audio quality on Sirius satellite broadcasts. But, I do keep a sub active using promo pricing. I use it mostly for news and comedy. Even back when it sounded decent, I still couldn't justify the $15/mo, and generally got them to give me promo pricing 5 or 6 months at a time...
  14. GaryPen

    SF Bay Area - South Bay/Penisnsula

    Any members located in the SF South Bay area? I'm wondering what people have been doing for their terrestrial reception. What has worked for them, and what hasn't. Currently, I've got an Antennas Direct DB4 and Winegard HD-6010FM with a CM-7777 preamp, mounted 20ft high, approximately 37 miles...
  15. GaryPen

    Showtime Anytime for Dish Customers

    Any scuttlebutt on this? Rumors? Hearsay? Word on the street? Does Huggy Bear know anything? Johnny the shoe shine boy? Inquiring minds want to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. GaryPen

    Problem with TV Japan?

    We're getting a black screen when tuning to TVJ. Anybody else with TVJ (or Free TVJ-specific programming) having an issue today?
  17. GaryPen

    FYI - Harmony 1100 Remote for $139

    NewEgg Flash (NewEgg's Woot-type site) has the high-end Harmony remote for only $139. This used to be their top of the line before they recent line change, and sold for around $350 iirc. I don't need one. But, I thought some of you might be interested.
  18. GaryPen

    Joey splitter

    Does the client splitter to multiple Joeys need to be the Dish-branded one specified in the wiring guide for installers? Or, can it be any quality coax splitter? I thought I had read that only 1GHz of bandwidth is needed for Joeys to node, as opposed to the 3GHz required for the Hopper to node.
  19. GaryPen

    No DD5.1 on DVR Recordings

    Is it normal for recordings to be PCM stereo, even though the original broadcasts were DD5.1? Is this a limit of Dish DVR's in general, or just Hopper?
  20. GaryPen

    No DIRT Online in the middle of a weekday?

    That's weird.