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  1. zippyfrog

    Dish Price Increase Coming - 11/16/2021

    I can see we have a Dish price increase coming in just under a month. The normal $5 increase, but this is the second $5 increase in 2021. Locals add-on pack stays at $12.
  2. zippyfrog

    RSN's Continue to Fall - Dish drops AT&T Sportsnets

    As of today, Dish has dropped the AT&T RSN's and Root Sports. So...that means the only RSN left on Dish is NESN?
  3. zippyfrog

    Anyone have an AT&T Connection?

    Is there anyone here who either works for AT&T or knows someone who works for AT&T? The past week there have been AT&T trucks all along the streets where I live, and I noticed today when I was driving that every 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile, they have added these black transformer things that are...
  4. zippyfrog

    Dish Dropping MASN On the Dish Promise page, they are saying that the NBC Sports RSN's won't be available (which we knew) and lets us know they are dropping MASN as well on 4/1. So that will leave only NESN and AT&T Sports Networks left as the only RSN's that Dish still carries.
  5. zippyfrog

    VIP211k Question

    I have a VIP211k with the DVR functionality enabled and external hard drive. Is it possible to create a manual timer for a specific channel and time? Or can it only set a recording time based off of what the EPG has in the guide, and then you extend, or decrease time? Basically, I want to...
  6. zippyfrog

    NBC/Comcast Dispute Forthcoming?

    I don't subscribe to the locals package, but right now my OTA NBC and Telemundo station both now say "Digital Service" and "No info Available" for the programming guide. This has happened in the past before a dispute... just curious if anyone has heard anything on a potential dispute for the...
  7. zippyfrog

    2021 Dish Prices

    Dish has posted their updated prices for 2021 - $5 per package. The locals core package goes up $3. They are also reducing equipment fees. "In addition to the core package changes, we also will be removing receiver fees on equipment you've purchased and own, if...
  8. zippyfrog

    Multi Sport Pack in Top 120?

    I was looking at the Dish Network homepage, and on the homepage, there is a dot indicating you add RedZone to the America's Top 120 package. I thought MultiSport pack was only Top 120+ or above? Is that a mistake, or has Dish changed the policy recently?
  9. zippyfrog

    ESPN GoalLine and Bases Loaded

    I read that ESPN is discontinuing Goal Line and Bases Loaded on cable services, effective June 30. Does this impact Dish Network as well? The way this is worded makes it sound like it is an ESPN decision and it would impact Dish. If this is the case, the only thing in Multi-Sport pack is...
  10. zippyfrog

    T-Mobile Speeds

    Last week I got the iPhone SE 2020 edition for use on T-Mobile. Upgraded from the iPhone5s. Needing to do more at home now, I wanted to get a phone that could do more things quickly. I asked T-Mobile about my speeds on the iPhone 5s and they said I couldn't take advantage of the "extended...
  11. zippyfrog

    Viacom/Dish Dispute Forthcoming?

    It looks like the Viacom contract is going to be ending shortly. The last Dish/Viacom contract was signed on April 21, 2016. I personally can't see this channel, but I see channel 900 is an info channel about a potential dispute. I found it here: DISH TV Online Channel Guide | MyDISH then...
  12. zippyfrog

    General DirecTV Question

    I am staying at a hotel in Denver right now that has DirecTV. ABC, NBC, CBS, CW, PBS, CNN, ESPN, ESPN2 are all digital and HD, but then every other channel is analog. Is that normal? I didn't know DirecTV carried analog channels - I thought they were all digital? Maybe it is digital, but the...
  13. zippyfrog

    2020 Dish Price Increases Announced Dish is also adding a Regional Sports Surcharge...
  14. zippyfrog

    FOX Dispute?

    Is there a FOX dispute? I am at work and I went to to see if NBC Sports Chicago was resolved, and now I see FOX is all over the place with no FS1, FS2, Big10 Network. Or is this forthcoming?
  15. zippyfrog

    NBC Sports Chicago Upcoming Renewal

    I mentioned this back in the Fox RSN dispute thread, but I wasn't skeptical about the upcoming NBC Sports Chicago renewal that Dish has at the end of September. Every single providers contract with NBC Sports Chicago ends on Sept 30, and right now many of the providers have re-signed on. Dish...
  16. zippyfrog

    NFL Redzone Question

    I was looking at the free preview page, and NFL Redzone is in free preview the first two weeks of the season. Free Channel Previews | MyDISH | DISH Customer Support However, underneath the free preview it says "Always available with NFL RedZone or Multi-Sport Pack." Is it possible to get...
  17. zippyfrog

    Dish and Another RSN Dispute (Altitude)

    Don't Block My Altitude - Altitude Sports Dish looking to drop Altitude sports tonight at midnight. Then...Comcast and DirecTV are planning on dropping it this Saturday. This surprises me as Dish is based in Colorado.
  18. zippyfrog

    Dish/Tribune Dispute

    I see that Dish/Tribune are going at it. 3 years was the last time there was a dispute, so it makes sense that it is time for this again. It was predicted in another thread after the latest uplink seeing the programming guide being split from the satellite channel. Here in Chicago, there is...
  19. zippyfrog

    Interesting Uplink this Afternoon

    Looking at this afternoon's uplink,I find it interesting that Channel 411 (formerly Prime Ticket) was moved to 421. Could that mean Dish is preparing for ACC Network? Having LHN on 407, SEC on 408, Pac12 on 409, Big10 on 410, and ACC on 411?
  20. zippyfrog

    RSNs on Dish

    This is going to be interesting - the FOX RSN's expire on Dish this summer. And on top of it, the RSN's are being sold by Disney as part of the Disney/FOX deal: Dish Network's Expiring Deal Adds Wrinkle To Sale Of RSNs Just something to keep an eye on. Could they be dropped? We have talked...