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  1. rv1pop

    considering getting subscription Service

    I am considering getting subscription service -DISH- for mainly one channel. What is the cheapest way to go. Problem -- off grid, in an RV, and no phone line, so need 12VDC receiver,
  2. rv1pop

    Believer's Voice of Victory

    I found mention in one post that Glorystar had added BVOVN or BVOV to the list. I can not find it. Is it somewhere ? For some reason I have not been able to get a new update on my microHD for channels, or software/firmware. I have been off for about 2 years. Thanks POP
  3. rv1pop

    DS 301receiver question (Antique)

    I have a DS301 receiver (bought it over 16 years ago) from my motor home. I have not wanted Subscription TV for at least 10 years - too busy. But I saw channel 265 is FP. I can not seem to get that channel on this receiver. Rather than spending hours chasing a dead receiver etc., is this too...
  4. rv1pop

    Paul Crouch, Founder of TBN, passed away this morning

    TBN has announced that Paul Crouch passed away this morning. Paul was possibly the largest promoter of Free to Air satellite television, world wide.
  5. rv1pop

    Finally -- My high speed internet is faster than dial up!

    Ah, who carers besides me, but :D -- my ISP has finally gotten high speed internet out here, 10 miles past The Boonies! I now can actually read the forums! 1.5 to 2.1 mbps.... It has been 0.035 for so long... Hello everybody, Now the wonderful chilly WX is not bothering me so much...
  6. rv1pop

    Fire is almost out ....

    The wildfire is almost out. Satellite TV is working properly again - we can see across the property - actually mountains to mountains. We are breathing some what fresh air (SoCal area, yes there are areas you have to have faith to breath - you can not see the air ! ) I am sure there was not much...
  7. rv1pop

    Six foot mesh dish --DAMAGED

    Sorry, Anole, no pictures, but I spooked a doe with a fawn and the doe jumped through my 6 foot mesh dish, taking out two panels. Repairable I think.. Will have to wait. It was not the wind this time. I guess the dish was not visible! I was more worried about the doe than my dish, in fact I...
  8. rv1pop

    Daystar moved

    I went to Daystar last night and got a slate that said they had moved. I did not see any thing on the support forum.
  9. rv1pop

    GEOSATpro Power, Timer and Random Issues - Solved CFL Light Bulbs

    Well, as I was watching / listening to a little TV, (pun intended - but probably lost = 5" battery TV), I needed more light and reached over and turned on a 12VDC CFL light. The channel changed - clear out of my FAV! the time went way out (years) and --- well --- what the heck? Turned back to...
  10. rv1pop

    Timer Alert: 11/20/2012 Glorystar Update

    All is well! Thanks for the heads up. I did have the channel shift, but thanks to the heads up lost nothing. Also the recording started at 0500 PST but again, with the heads up, no problems.. Thanks Brian. Doug aka POP:)
  11. rv1pop

    GEOSATpro Strange idea -- Feature on boot

    Might be difficult to do with no buttons...... Some way to lock a "factory reboot" into memory that would cause a boot from USB which would restore the latest working firmware (.abs file) from a usb stick. Might be possible to have the boot sequence check the usb for the boot file and if that...
  12. rv1pop

    GEOSATpro Feature -- Glorystar Program list only dbs file?

    Since the Glorystar list exists for the other Geosat products, And since I have NOT had success with the editor programs (my problem - others can do it) could someone who knows how, make a Glorystar db for the microHD. That would be one less variable to deal with re: my recording challenges and...
  13. rv1pop

    Static discharge and drain

    I have had some telephone, forum and email discussions with some members of the forum about lightning and static build up on or dishes. I have measured over 1000 volts between the ungrounded center conductor and earth (single point) ground. I used a 470K ohm resistor tapped in with a tee across...
  14. rv1pop

    HAM RADIO Visibility.

    I keep loosing this thread. I forgot what it was called. I had bookmarked it, but the bookmark became invalid. I am not sure why this was given its own forum. But since it was, I will try to keep finding it! hihi .... .. .... .. Maybe we can link to here in our signatures. I will try that...
  15. rv1pop

    Salmon Run sept 16th (sat and Sun...) 2012

    I will be putting KLIckitat County WA on the air for the WA state QSO party -- Called the Salmon Run. Look for me if you run counties. All 39 counties should be represented. SSB 80m thru 15m and some 2m FM. de K7EVI
  16. rv1pop

    RV dish setup -- delayed

    I only got part of the portable set up for the RV with the microHD before we left because of some minor emergencies and major drama....:( So I packed my equipment, tools and parts and hoped I would have time to get it working.. Kinda glad I had not spent too much time - I did not even take one...
  17. rv1pop

    operating temperature range

    The specs. show 0 - 40 C operating temp. range. If my calculations are correct that is 32 to 104 F. Inside temperature right now is 106. In the open cupboard it is 119. Is this going to be a problem? I can foresee the open cupboard temps. getting well over 150, since next month the outside temps...
  18. rv1pop

    Time clock is not keeping time for me

    I finally got a DC power cord for the microHD so I am finally getting ready to record. I set the clock to GMT which should mean it is automatic setting. However, as I change channels and transponders on 97W KU the various transponders is different. GOD-TV is correct time 7:43 PM, Church channel...
  19. rv1pop

    RVers first thoughts

    Got a chance to pull out the new microHD and try to set it up. Yeah!!! oops; :eek: The 12VDC connector does not match any cord I now have. OK. Replaced the starter gear on the generator and got the receiver working on AC. OK, hook up to TV. OH NO. Cable end does not match the others I have and...
  20. rv1pop

    BOONIES? Local TV stattions are WHERE?

    Visited our "Local" cable company. We are 11 miles past the end of their service area. They are 16 miles closer to Portland than I am. They are not "allowed" to carry the Portland stations because those are not considered LOCAL. The local stations they are to carry are SPOKANE. The cable company...