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  1. fmj77

    Will a VIP 211k work?

    I'm thinking of getting rid of my Hopper 3 and going with a 211k that I own in order to save on the $15 a month DVR fee. I really don't record much and wouldn't miss the DVR that much anyway. Would the 211k work with my current set up or would I need a technician to come to my home?
  2. fmj77

    Welcome Pack no longer available

    Just got off the phone with a Dish CSR and was told that the Welcome Pack is no longer available. This is the first I've heard of this. Anyone aware that it was removed?
  3. fmj77

    Fox looks horrible

    I'm watching the Ohio State-Oregon game and the picture looks absolutely horrendous on my Hopper 3. It's very blurry and pixelated. Anything I can do about this or is just due to Dish's crappy compression technology?
  4. fmj77

    Turning off WiFi on Hopper 3

    Any way to disconnect my Hopper from WiFi? I cannot find an option to turn it off and when I try "reset network" it just automatically reconnects.
  5. fmj77

    How to turn on WiFi on Hopper 3

    How do I turn on the WiFi on my Hopper 3? There are no WiFi options listed in the internet settings.
  6. fmj77

    Opinions on an OTA setup

    Just got an estimate for an OTA install at my home and it is quite higher than I expected. $2300 for high end antenna, high gain booster, 350ft of cable and a mast pole with rotor put in cement. In addition I would have to hire someone else to bury the 350ft of cable. The job would take about 2...
  7. fmj77 not working

    I have been unable to log into for the last 24 hours. Just gives an error message. Anyone else having this problem?
  8. fmj77

    Intermittent HDCP error

    I'm getting this error occasionally during the 4K broadcast of the Baylor-Iowa State football game on channel 540-01 and it flashes a screen stating the content is unauthorized. Is this a problem with my Hopper 3 or something else? Faulty HDMI cable maybe?
  9. fmj77

    Question about 4K channel 540-1

    Should this channel show up on my channel guide even when nothing is broadcasting? I have set the channel guide on my Hopper 3 to display all channels, but 540-1 is not there.
  10. fmj77

    Hopper 3 channel guide

    I just upgraded to the Hopper 3 and cannot figure out how to get the channel guide to only show my HD channels. Is there any way to do this?
  11. fmj77

    Downgrading to Welcome Pack?

    Will Dish allow me to downgrade to the Welcome Pack and also add a couple of the Channel Packs such as Star And Stripes Pack and National Action Pack?
  12. fmj77

    Hopper 3 picture quality versus other receivers

    Can anyone tell me if I'll get better picture quality with the H3 versus my VIP 722k? Been thinking of upgrading to the newest and finest that Dish offers if it'll improve the picture on my Sony Bravia 4k TV.
  13. fmj77

    Problems with a lot of channels

    Been having problems the last couple of days. The video is jerky and stutters constantly. Anyone else having problems? I'm on the Dish America pack with a VIP 612 receiver. Was first only affecting ESPN and ESPN2 but now it seems to be affecting many others.
  14. fmj77

    Thinking of trying FTA satellite

    Can someone give me an idea of where to start, such as finding installers and such. A google search pulls up nothing but sites in the UK and Ireland. Thanks.
  15. fmj77

    No sound with VIP 612

    Just activated a VIP 612 receiver and have picture but no sound. My TV is a Sony Bravia 4k that I purchased new back in July and it is connected via HDMI. It worked fine with my 722 receiver. Any help is appreciated.
  16. fmj77

    Dish Network 4k programming?

    Was wondering if anyone knows if Dish has 4K programming or when they plan to add it. I have the Dish America package and every channel seems to be in 720p.