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  1. BigRyan

    SES-11 heading to 105?W

    SpaceX successfully launched the SES 11 (Echostar 105) last night. It will be replacing AMC-18 C / AMC-15 Ku at 105W. It has 24 Ku-band and 24 C-band transponders so I'm hoping for some new content in the future once this mug drifts into the orbital slot. It NOW makes since why NASA moved to...
  2. BigRyan

    Digiwave 2.4 meter DWD240T

    Anyone know if these are any good? Online for anywhere from 500 - 700. Looks like the ring is the same as my 6 footer so I was thinking I could use the same mount. Thoughts before I try to get one of these? The plan would be to use the old 6 as a dedicated Ku dish, and the 8 for C. Would this...
  3. BigRyan

    NASA-HD On G13

    Trying to figure out if the end is finally here, Everything else seems good, but NASA on 3920/V/28068 has fallen below 50% as of lately. I'm afraid it might be my neighbors tree. Man I hate living in the city. Anyone else with a six foot dish experiencing 50% signal quality on NASA?
  4. BigRyan

    Feed Horn Cap Source

    I know there are all kinds of genius ways of making these, BUT, does anyone know where to actually buy replacements like this? And after my dogs>> Mine had gotten lose over the years and I would put it back in, finally it fell out and the dogs chewed it up. I have half of a cap now. I...
  5. BigRyan

    NASA TV not HD but getting better!

    DIRECTV still refuses to re-broadcast NASA TV in HD. They continue to capture the feed and down convert it to standard definition. However they other day they started AT LEAST broadcasting NASA in 16x9 (widescreen) so this is a step in the right direction. They will continue for now to require...
  6. BigRyan

    What brand dish is this?

    I am trying to get the local high school to donate this to me. Anyone know what brand of dish this is?
  7. BigRyan

    GEOSATpro GEOSATpro microHD Support

    Just a few questions: Has support for this device ended? Is the firmware source open or available? Are we on our own now with this device? I would love to get involved with keeping this receiver relevant, I now work in the computer science department at a local college, although I am a...
  8. BigRyan

    GEOSATpro GEOSATpro microHD Logo Screens

    Well I decided to try and give the MicroHD an updated look by creating some new screens for it. So if anyone is interested just place the three files on a USB drive and hit Menu > Tools > Update by USB. Choose the appropriate file for both "Upgrade Mode" and "Upgrade File" then choose > Start...
  9. BigRyan

    Any Scientific DATA Available?

    Anyone know of the existence of say weather data, or live radar feeds and imagery FTA? I know that NOAA GOES Geostationary Satellite Server is available online, but I wanted to know if any such data is available on C-Band or Ku Band, or anything remotely close to this. We are building an...
  10. BigRyan


    What has happened to the signal quality of NASA-TV on AMC18, I cant get better than 50%. It started a few days ago. All others are 72-85% SQ and have not changed across the full arc. Just wondering if anyone else has lost signal from NASA-TV. For the past year they have been a steady 70% quality...