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  1. Grimgnaw

    Certain Channels need to be "primed"

    Often when I tune to an abc feed (say 4120 H 30k) on 99.2°W the channel fails to appear until I tune to another channel like FOX (Mo) (3720 H 8703) and then switch back to it. This also occurs on the 16aspk channels (3980 H 30k) and the very high quality 7 channels (3940 H 30K) on 97°W. On...
  2. Grimgnaw

    Experience with the Prof 7300 PC card

    I acquired a Prof 7300 card and have had excellent results with 32 bit XP SP2 installed on 32 bit machine. Using a Tektronix digital scope with a breakout box on the lnb input the Diseqc transmissions are as expected. Dvb Dream has been the application used and the PROF drivers were the...
  3. Grimgnaw

    Pansat 9200 time recording

    The Pansat does turn on at the time set, but it does not go to the correct satellite or station. No matter which station is entered, it goes to something else. We are using it with C band. I saw a post from last year on here but saw no resolution. :(
  4. Grimgnaw

    Pansat 9200 HDMI audio

    "The Pansat 9200 had a HDMI output and the HDTV I have has 2 HDMI inputs so I used one cable and got both audio & video through that HDMI cable." ---Iceberg 4/18/2008 I am attempting to relay my Pansat 9200HD HDMI to my Panasonic G10 plasma and I have yet to get the HDMI audio working (video...
  5. Grimgnaw

    ABC feed

    Is there an ABC feed anywhere? The one on T4-20 seems to have disappeared.:(
  6. Grimgnaw

    ABC feed is back

    Just watched ABC news on T4-20. I don't know how long it has been on since I just happened on it.:)