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  1. ShaneLinder

    Hope, 3ABN, Al Jazeera Gone

    I had not watched my FTA for a while and when I turned it on this evening I couldn't get Hope, 3ABN or Al Jazeera English although I get TBN and several other channels very good. Have some channels moved or are those signals weaker?
  2. ShaneLinder


    I am not sure where this thread belongs so please move it if there is a better place. Glenn Beck has started his own TV network with some sort of online streaming television. I am not sure exactly what the technology is or how it works. I think Sky Angel offers an online television package...
  3. ShaneLinder

    Live Games

    I really enjoy the live games I can watch on Sky Angel although sometimes I lose the signal. I don't think it is Sky Angel because when I lose the signal I can switch to a different channel and it is fine.
  4. ShaneLinder

    Reception Problems

    The reception from the receiver in my den keeps breaking up but the one in the living room is fine. I replaced the co-ax from the wall to the receiver and it worked good for about a week but is doing the same thing again. I am wondering if I should replace the co-ax from the switch to the wall.
  5. ShaneLinder

    Is Glorystar Available in Central America?

    Is there a way to pick up the Channels in Costa Rica or is that out of the foot print? My sister-in-law lives there with her husband. Both are employed by the Adventist church there and are interested in the system. I was thinking I may have to get them MoIPTV.
  6. ShaneLinder

    Scanning Channels on Buzz

    I have a couple of old Buzz receivers I bought used. I really need to buy new receivers but even when I do I will probably just move these into another room since I can have 4 receivers with my set-up. I did a "Scan SAT" and "Scan all" on G19 trying to find the new location for Hope and 3ABN...
  7. ShaneLinder

    Glorystar DVR

    I am not sure I understand how the Glorystar DVR works? I need to buy an external hard drive. I understand that. How do I hook it up? Does it set on top of or beside the DVR? There is reference to software for recording? Do I need to buy software? Do I load it on the DVR or my...
  8. ShaneLinder

    A Few Channels Missing

    I am not picking up a few channels. Just want to make sure they are still there. I am not picking up MHZ Worldview, GCN, KUIL and Al Jazerra English. Are some of these gone or do I just need to adjust my dishes?
  9. ShaneLinder

    Gospel Music Television Network

    What is the status of GMTN? I don't see them in the new Glorystar Channel list.
  10. ShaneLinder

    4x4 Multi-Switch Problem?

    I can't get any of the Galaxy 25 channels good on my Fortec receiver. My kids love Smile of the Child. On my Buzz receiver I am getting Smile of a Child with 75 Quality. I have done a Power Scan the Fortec picks up the channels but after the scan it doesn't pull them in with good enough...
  11. ShaneLinder

    SafeTV & Cornerstone

    Is there a problem with SafeTV or Cornerstone. I am not getting them on either receiver but I am getting my other channels from Galaxy 25 very strong.
  12. ShaneLinder

    Electronic TV Guide

    Is the on-screen TV guide something that Glorystar hopes to add in the future? I was talking to an operator at Glorystar and she didn't know anything about it and thought if it were added there would be a charge for it. I wouldn't mind paying some kind of annual fee but I thought I had seen...
  13. ShaneLinder

    My Set-up

    A long time in coming but here are pics of my set-up. I am not using the motor but it still serves a purpose as the pole is too close to the brick column for a dish with out it. I have also switched the LNBFs that I am using. But this is a general idea of what I have.
  14. ShaneLinder

    The Miracle Channel To Leave

    The Miracle Channel - Canada's first Christian television station I never watched Miracle Channel any way. The reason "due to lack of response" seems to indicate something but I am not sure what. They couldn't get people to buy dishes or they were expecting people with dishes to send them...
  15. ShaneLinder

    KTV Changes Logo

    I noticed KTV as changed its logo. I think it is less subtle than its previous one. I like it better.
  16. ShaneLinder

    DISH Reciever

    If I wanted to use one of my existing DISH receivers as an FTA receiver could I do that? The number on the front of it is 311.
  17. ShaneLinder

    Finding Galaxy 25

    I am trying to position one of my dishes to AMC4 and the other to Galaxy25. AMC4 was not too hard to find. I got that without a problem. Galaxy 25 is proving to be much more difficult. I have an angle meter and and started out by having the angle on the G25 dish exactly the same as the...
  18. ShaneLinder

    Help With My Reciever

    OK, I messed things up. When I pushed the "sat" button on my remote I had a number of satellites listed that I didn't use. In the process of trying of trying to get them out of the list I erased everything back to the factory settings, which is AMC4. I have AMC4 tuned in. In fact I have...
  19. ShaneLinder

    Updates To Customers

    Does GloryStar ever notify previous customers when new technology becomes available? I am thinking about the many people that bought a system before the 4-degree monoblock was available or about the new DVR soon to be on the market. I would think there are many previous customers that would...
  20. ShaneLinder

    Smile Of A Child

    In our home we have a five-year old and a seven-year old. They are only allowed to watch Christian programming on Saturday as we are Seventh-day Adventists. In the past that meant only KTV as we had Sky Angel. Now we still have KTV (on Dish Family) and we also have Smile Of A Child (SOAC) on...