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    DVB Dream Question

    I just started using DVB Dream and Have experienced a problem with Standard LNBF. The software works ok with a Universal LNBF but I cannot get it to work with a Standard LNBF. I have selected na bandstacked FSS in options/diseqc for G18 and am using a BSC321S. This lnbf works good in ProgDVB...
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    Earth Views

    See where you live from the satellites perspective. One picture is my true south satellite G28 and the other is G18. From this perspectice amazing that I get any signal from G18. You can just see the southern tip of Lake Michigan, where I live near. View from Satellite
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    Conical Offset Scalar Ring

    :eureka If anyone has one of these please take some detailed pictures of it with a ruler included. I would like to build one from these pictures and will then post test results and a how to make manual. The ring depth information is critical.
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    DIY Dish Arm

    DIY Dish Arm The attached manual should help anyone to fabricate his or her own dish arm for an offset dish. The link shows some fabrication methods that are easy DIY.
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    Positioner and switch support software

    Does anyone have recommendations for PCI DVB-S software with good switch support and h-h motor Diseqc 1.2. I need 6 X 1 Switch support 22Khz / diseqc.
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    BSC621 BSC-621-2 C / KU Band LNBF

    Broke this away from my thread on Primestar 84E BSC-621-2. In my opinion and from experimentation I'm shelving the BSC 621-2 because this LNBF has too many trade offs in performance. A seperate quality C-Band LNBF and KU Band LNBF will work much better. On a dish smaller then 6' in diameter...
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    Primestar 84E/BSC621-2 LNBF Experiment

    Primestar 84E/BSC621-2 LNBF Experiment Well, as you’ve heard “What’s old is new” I decided to see if I could get any C-Band channels on my 1 meter by .7-meter dish. After searching this site and Sadouns’ forum I found the following links, which add so much to the story...
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    C-band Newbee

    We have a great list of KU strong transponders but I need a list of strong C band transponders. FTA of course and English.
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    Elliptical Scaler Ring C-band

    OK, all you Guru's in C-band, here is a question for ya! I'm setting up a Primestar 84E C-band dish with the BSC-621 after finding Icebergs thread on topic. I see that Sadoun is, maybe, going to offer a "Conical" scaler ring. Here is a pic of Primestar LNB scaler ring for Ku-Band (on...
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    FTA Closed Captioning

    Can't receive CC with Twinhan card. How do the other receivers work with CC?
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    Is there software for PCI DVB-S Card that lets you record "DVR Function" directly to DVD?
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    SG-2100 vs SG-6000

    SG-6000_vs_SG-2100 This is my comparison between these two H-H Motors. Just my opinions folks. SG-2100 1.- Motor bracket distorts when bolts are tightened, this throws arc alignment off. 2.- Backlash adjuster allows hardware to come loose, allowing hardware to jam plastic drive gear...
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    Channel names scanned by your receiver.

    I would like to know what some of the different receivers display for AMC3 transponder 12180V 30000 3/4. Screen shots would be great! Thanks, Tom
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    Saving diseqc 1.2 in ProgDVB

    The attached manual may be helpful to those with SG2100 that won't do USALS.
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    SG2100 Insertion loss

    Noticed that there was about a 3% reduction in Signal Quality with the motor inline. Cut the foil coil at the LNBF connector and inserted a 1 Uh choke @ .65 Amps. Signal Quality increased by 3%.
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    Digipower SG2100 DMSI SUPPORT

    Buyer Beware1 If you have a Twinhan 1025 PCI card and purchase a SG2100 h-h motor it may not work. This the third motor: ALL THREE MOTORS WITH DIFFERENT PROBLEMS "I usE USALS in Twinhan software and ProgDVB software, both with the same result overshoots g10r and g27 as well as echostar to...
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    ATSC OTA PC Software New Release

    ProgDVB 5.15 Now has DTV ATSC decoding and HDTV. It has autoscan so that when you boot the software for the first time it scans your connected HDTV device and lists all the channels. I tested with KWorld USB HDTV stick. I just installed it in my Gateway laptop running Vista Home Premium...
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    ProgDVB Version 5.15

    DVB-S and DVB-T in one slick program. **** New product: ProgDVB SolveigMM MPEG Editor. And some new skins. New release includes ATSC support for OTA DTV. DVB-S Supports Channel Search, Transponder Scan and Blind Search improved. NBC 8qpsk, 4.2.2 with Elecard codec. This is much...
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    DTV OTA Channel data

    I looked on the NAB and FCC websites to find Symbol and Pid assignment for transponders but no luck. Does anyone know of a list that shows each OTA transponder data?
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    SG2100 overrun with USALS?

    Has anyone experienced a SG2100 overunning the correct satellite east or west when using USALS?