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  1. dsimmon9

    DISH Fights for a Fair Deal, Tegna Prioritizes Greed above Consumers

    Thanks, I noticed it has returned this morning.
  2. dsimmon9

    DISH Fights for a Fair Deal, Tegna Prioritizes Greed above Consumers

    Dennis, are you having trouble receiving WWL OTA? I haven't been able to receive it since last night.
  3. dsimmon9

    Duo Hub

    It was outside by the dish. I figured it was the hub because when I unplugged the Hopper without the power inserter the other hopper would start working.
  4. dsimmon9

    Duo Hub

    I posted that just for you. It lasted 1 year.
  5. dsimmon9

    Duo Hub

    This is the error you get when the duo hub fails on a 2 Hopper3 installation. Had to go back to 2 single hubs and jumper.
  6. dsimmon9

    New Orleans locals Breaking up ? anyone else?

    Yes, I noticed it this morning too. Had to watch on OTA channel.
  7. dsimmon9

    Two Hopper 3 Install is Scheduled

    I have 2 as I'm on eastern arc.
  8. dsimmon9

    Two Hopper 3 Install is Scheduled

    Installed 2nd Hopper 3 today (self install) . Called regular 800 number to activate. Receiver is activated and working but I am only seeing one satellite. (61.5) Not sure if the switch or the LNB is bad. See picture of screen. Any ideas?
  9. dsimmon9

    DPH42 now available

    Reading that manual it appears that I am going to have to replace the Hybrid LNB's with the old ones to add a second Hopper 3. Is this correct? Thanks, D. Simmons
  10. dsimmon9

    U 341 now on the hopper 3 dvr

    Well, that's a partial solution for now. Thanks.
  11. dsimmon9

    U 341 now on the hopper 3 dvr

    Another bug in U341. Recordings made with a manual timer don't work. I am unable to open the folders. However, the timers are still recording to the folders. Recordings made from the guide open normally.
  12. dsimmon9

    Hey Everybody With H3 OTA Problems

    To view OTA on a Joey without the picture breaking up, I usually have to join the program from the Hopper then I turn off the Hopper if not watching. However, this usually has no effect on the recordings. Sometimes the recordings are ok, other times not. It is hit and miss.
  13. dsimmon9

    Hopper 3 Remote Control

    My 32.0 remote that worked on the HWS does not work on Hopper 3.
  14. dsimmon9

    Night Owls what time are you getting your nightly update on the Hopper3

    I won't have my Hopper 3 until Thursday, but since I got the Carbon UI on my HWS it updates at 3:30am.
  15. dsimmon9

    Hopper 3 Available Jan. 30th

    The email from DIRT says the tech will take the old receivers with him. Although I have no problem sending them back myself.
  16. dsimmon9

    Update Pulled

    Nightly reboot happened at 3:30 am for me.
  17. dsimmon9


    I want to upgrade to the Hopper 3
  18. dsimmon9

    Dish Fox Ruling

    Here is a link from Business Week
  19. dsimmon9

    Removing Remote Codes

  20. dsimmon9

    Removing Remote Codes

    How do you remove codes from the remote? I want to remove the codes from the AUX setting so it will control the TV volume only.