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  1. VMI90

    You CAN get NFL Redzone without Sunday Ticket

    Define higher plan an low credit? I'm on the Select Choice plan and have gotten standalone redzone for free the previous two years. This year I got ST AND Redzone for free.
  2. VMI90

    Olympics on Directv

    You have to have the Choice Xtra Package or higher to get 603.
  3. VMI90

    WHen will olympics mix be on

    What is the minimum package in order to get Bravo? What about NBCSports?
  4. VMI90

    DirecTV offers to customers who complain about dropped Viacom channels

    As always, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar... I first called last week, I'm not under contract, am a long time subscriber, said that I loved D* but was thinking of switching. I was offerred free Redzone or free ST and Redzone with a one year contract extension. I said that i'd...
  5. VMI90

    You CAN get NFL Redzone without Sunday Ticket

    I was offerred Redzone for free or ST for free with a one-year committment.
  6. VMI90

    Choice Plus free preview?

    I have the select choice package. I am unable to get channels such as spike or the NFL channel.
  7. VMI90

    H20 CE?

    Anyone know if the H20 series will eventually get the HD UI? Or is it limited to the H21 and higher?
  8. VMI90

    Cutting the cord unless overwhelmed by retention....

    My monthly bill is $43.99 per month plus taxes. Select Classic 39.99 HD Access 10.00 DVR Service 7.00 3 Receivers 18.00 My credits are: HD (Autopay) (10.00) Bundled w/ verizon (10.00) $5 for 24 months (5.00) Primary Receiver (6.00) Getting it into the $40's per month is...
  9. VMI90

    Choice Ultimate : Free Preview

    Ok, so all last week I wasn't getting all the channels in the Choice Ultimate package. My current package is the Select Classic package, I was getting some new channels (DIY, TMC, Tennis Channel) but wasn't getting others (Spike, other movie channels). I called DirecTV on Saturday just to...
  10. VMI90

    FREE PREVIEW - Choice Ultimate 6/20-6/26

    I get some of the channels, but not all. Too many to list, but for example I was watching Tennins Channel (217) last nights, but Spike (241) was giving me the "Channel Not Purchased" message.
  11. VMI90

    NFL Sunday Ticket

    They did it last year as well. I didn't have the ticket, but was surprised. They didn't notify everyone like this year though.
  12. VMI90

    "Moving" technique question??

    It's strange that no locals are available. My in-laws are just north of you (22923) and the Richmond-Petersburg locals are offered in their area. Have you thought about applying for a waiver to get the east coast national feed?
  13. VMI90

    NFL Red Zone Channel

    I called yesterday and just asked for it straight out and was denied. I called today, said cancel, asked the CSR to verify when my current contract was up (Jan 2011). I told them I was thinking about canceling after my contract was up because ST was too expensive and I really just wanted the...
  14. VMI90

    Contract End Date?

    Is there any way to see when my current contract is up online? Or is calling in the only way to find out?
  15. VMI90

    Hooking up DVD recorder with D* DVR

    Mine is set up as follows. DVR to TV via HDMI DVR to DVD Recorder via Component cables to TV via Component Cables
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    Can you DVD

    I have a HD DVR, HDMI cables to the TV and Component Cables to a DVD recorder. We had the HD PPV for "Time Traveler's Wife" recorded on the DVR. I set it up to record on a DVD and left to run some errands. When I went to replay it later, it started fine, but about a minute or two into the...
  17. VMI90

    Least expensive package....

    Select Package Here's what I received via email from DirecTV regarding the Select Package Lineup. 265 A&EHD 374 BYU TV 329 Black Entertainment Television 353 Bloomberg Television 350 C-SPAN (m) 351 C-SPAN 2 (m) 355 CNBC 357 CNBC World 202 CNN 296 Cartoon Network (East) 297 Cartoon Network...
  18. VMI90

    I just "moved"

    So, do you think this would work? I am a contractor who will be "working" in LA for the next 3 months. I want to bring one of my receivers with me, but leave 2 for my wife and kids. Is it possible to get the LA locals on one receiver only?
  19. VMI90

    Cutting back.

    I don't see the need to swap out the HD DVR for a SD one. Just save by cutting out the HD channels.
  20. VMI90

    NFL Ticket ?

    I called today to cancel the ST. It just got to be too expensive and I'm currently unemployed. I was offered $20 off the early monthly price, soit would have only been $30 something for 6 months. I asked about SF and was told I could get either the discount OR SF for free but not both. I...