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  1. ClarkGable

    722K Sound Issue

    Just wondering if anyone else using older receivers has experienced this.... We have a refurb 722K that Dish sent to replace a dead unit earlier this year. Twice within the past month, the sound stopped working. On one occasion, the DVR was recording a show. The sound was fine on what was...
  2. ClarkGable

    722K Hard Drive

    I don't know what brand and model hard drive is in a 722K, but they are impressive. Our 722K was new over four years ago, and the hard drive still works fine (that sound you hear is me knocking on wood). For as much recording as we do, and as much as the box gets used, it is remarkable that the...
  3. ClarkGable

    How much is AT250?

    Another discussion here prompted me to take a look at my Dish bill. I noticed I am being charged $79.99 for AT250, while the Dish website says that $69.99 is the "everyday low price." Am I being overcharged $10 a month? BTW, I do have HD free for life. Thanks!
  4. ClarkGable

    722K Problem

    A problem started this morning with our 722K. It keeps getting error 002 messages and indicates the signal was lost. However, as soon as I press the guide button, the picture returns. I tried unplugging it, forcing a switch test, etc. Afterwards, it will work fine for several minutes, but ends...
  5. ClarkGable

    119 trans 13 SD

    Anyone else lose sat 119 transponder 13 SD channels? We can't get SD TV Land, Oxygen, TMC, etc. All HD feeds on transponer 13 seem to be unaffected. Thanks!
  6. ClarkGable

    Archaic credit card update process

    So we received our new credit cards, and I went to update them on Netflix and on Dish. This task was very quick and extremely easy to do on Nextflix website. Dish was another story. You can tell that this is my first experience with changing a credit card expiration date on a Dish autopay...
  7. ClarkGable

    Fox Fort Wayne

    If you are still waiting for Fort Wayne's new Fox affiliate to appear on Dish, here is a news release I found dated August 11: "Granite Broadcasting recently secured the rights to air approximately 15 hours of FOX programming in Ft. Wayne, Ind., beginning Aug. 1, 2011, but has blocked DISH...
  8. ClarkGable


    Just wanted to say thank you to all for the great posts on this forum! I received free 3 months of Starz back in November because of posts I read here. I received from Dish a coupon for 3 more months of free Starz, but since I read on this forum that Dish would be giving a year of Starz on...
  9. ClarkGable

    Another grounding question

    Local tech did the permanent pole mount of our 1000.2 today. Dish is 30' from house and sits totally in the clear - no trees, etc. nearby. Installed cable had three leads (two used) and a ground wire, all buried. Ground was attached at the dish mounting pole and the block where the cables...
  10. ClarkGable

    How does Dish uplink locals?

    Sorry if this has been asked, but I couldn't find the answer. How does Dish get locals from the TV station to their uplink center? I never really thought about it before, but since getting HD I noticed that our CBS affiliate drops out occasionally. We've had a hiccup or two when recording the...
  11. ClarkGable

    Who owns the LNB?

    Dish tech came yesterday to upgrade us to HD. He installed a temporary dish location in the yard - said they weren't allowed to put it on our tower like I had done in the past and that he didn't have a clear shot at 129 from the tower anyway. This was the first time I've had a Dish tech to the...
  12. ClarkGable

    How much would it cost?

    Hi all, I searched a bit and didn't find exactly what I was looking for on this forum, so I was hoping someone here could help out. We subscribed to Dish in 1998. We have owned every piece of Dish equipment we ever used. We currently have a Dish 500 (legacy LNBs) and a a 625 DVR. We receive...