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  1. Davedirectv

    Directv CEO on Undercover Boss this Sunday.

    Watch Undercover Boss on Full Episodes, Clips and Behind the Scenes footage. Set your DVR's folks, they're advertising that he offends a customer :o:D.
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    MMA Fans Take a Look

    Sonnen tested for elevated testosterone - WAP That sucks. Guess we won't see him getting a rematch, unless he proves his prescription was legit.
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    Directv Satellites at each location.

    Ok how many satellites does Directv have in the 101 slot, is it 2? also is there only 1 sat in the 99 slot? so theres: 1 in 95 1? in 99 2? in 101 2 in 103 1 in 110 1 in 119 is that about right?
  4. Davedirectv

    Utah to use Firing Squad to execute a man.

    National Briefing - Rockies - Utah - Facing Firing Squad, Killer Seeks Clemency - Seems a bit weird in this day and age.
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    Player fined for dropping popup.

    Yuniesky Betancourt - Kansas City Royals - News - MLB - Yahoo! Sports I've never heard anything like this before, fining a player for a bad play? I'm sure it's happened before, just seems a bit shocking to me. Committing errors because you don't catch a certain way, gets you a fine?
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    Gatorade Replay

    Replay the Series - Catholic Central vs Trenton | Fueled by Gatorade Two high school hockey teams in Michigan got the game this time. I like the idea. They take a game that wasn't able to be finished, for whatever reason, get the teams back together and finish it up. First thought was "why the...
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    Netflix type PPV.

    Why doesn't sat/cable companies do things like what Netflix is doing? Say you pay another $10-20 a month and get a certain number of PPV movies to watch and download. Is this bad business? Are there certain contracts in place to stop something like this? Why would a company like Directv do...
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    Blackberry Storm

    Anyone else have this phone? The reason I ask is, I just installed the new software, think it's 5.0 or something like that, and this phone now rocks! Before things were slow and sluggish. Not now, this thing is responsive and fast. The touch screen seems to work better, when you flip is side...
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    Kentucky Derby

    Contenders | 2010 Kentucky Oaks & Derby | April 30 - May 1, 2010 | Tickets, Events, News I can't believe no one on this forum hasn't brought up the Derby. Personally, me and mine get together each year to make some bets at the local track and then head home to watch the race on the HD tv...
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    Faber vs. Aldo

    Personally I'm hoping to see Faber win this title back. I like this kid, think he's pretty exciting to watch. He broke a couple hands in his last loss to Mike Brown. Lets see if he can rebound this time around. As far as Aldo, I really don't watch him much, would really like to see this...
  11. Davedirectv

    Clash of the Titans Surprised no one has posted this yet. or maybe I missed it. Either way, anyone interested in this 3D remake?
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    Torchlight - Diablo Clone

    Anyone playing Torchlight ? It's a Diablo clone, dungeon crawler. Pretty good graphics, very fun, and a good time filler when your normal game isn't doing it for you. Great features: 3 standard classes Destroyer, Alchemist, and Vanquisher. Cross training is an option with the spells. Pets...
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    Avatar Official Movie Website | In Cinemas December 18
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    UofM's Bill Martin to retire

    Michigan athletic director Bill Martin to retire in 2010 | | The Detroit News Not sure what to think about this one, just throwing it out there.
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    Carlos Guillen and Jim Leland Rift

    Leyland, Guillen mend rift over role | News If Carlos Guillen is going to play left field like Manny Ramirez, he better hit like him too. This guy makes $13 Million a year for the next 2 years. He is a defensive liability and with all the injuries he's been horrible at the plate...
  16. Davedirectv

    Johan Franzen out, Torn ACL

    Wings' Franzen out 4 months with torn knee | Detroit Free Press | Not a good way for the Red Wings to start out the season.
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    In other news.

    The Detroit Lions actually look like a football team in the first half of the vikings game. Lets get this monkey of our backs guys, Let's Go!
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    Anyone interested in this one? Surrogates - The Official Site Opens 9-25-2009. Personally, I'm excited about it and looking forward to the interesting story line that I've seen so far. I just hope the movie delivers what the preview/trailers are leading to believe. Seems like a who-dun-it...
  19. Davedirectv

    NFL Blacked-Out Games to show blacked-out games free in local markets on delayed basis Good news for Lions fans
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    Anyone play WOW on these forums? When did you start, launch, BC, WOTLK? How do you feel about the direction of the game anymore? Currently I have a tier 7 or 8 Lock, whatever Naxx gear is, haven't played in about 6 months. Friend sent me a scroll of resurection for 10 days free and found...