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  1. robk299

    New Sirius XM pack

    I didn't see this posted anywhere else, so this pack must be new. When I went to add my weekly add on pack, I noticed a new Sirius XM pack for $6. I have the Flex package.
  2. robk299

    WWE ppv back on Dish

    A few years ago, Dish dropped WWE ppvs because of the WWE Network. Today, I was scrolling through the programming guide and saw that the Royal Rumble will be on ppv on Sunday.
  3. robk299

    Make modem show I'm in St. Louis

    Hi guys. I use a Sprint Netgear Fuse as my internet. I am unable to watch Cardinals games through Sling TV because my modem says I'm in Kansas, even though I live in the STL area. Is there anyway to get either the modem, a Roku or an Android tablet to show that I am in St. Louis? Thanks for any...
  4. robk299

    Prince tribute channel for free
  5. robk299

    How long to return equipment?

    Last night, I was told on Dish chat that I had 10 days to return my bad 722. In an email I received today, it says 30 days. Which is correct?
  6. robk299

    Transfer recordings between 2 722s

    My 722 is failing. I don't want to or can really afford to buy an external hard drive to transfer recordings. Is it possible to use a usb cable to transfer from one 722 to the other?
  7. robk299

    Upgrading to Hopper?

    If I upgraded my 722 to a Hopper through Dish, will they send it to me or send a tech out?
  8. robk299

    UPDATED - Dish drops WWE PPV changes mind Will Show Wrestlemania

    On my Facebook, there was a post that people couldn't order the Elimination Chamber through Dish. I checked my account online & it's not listed.
  9. robk299

    Free ppv movie

    You can get a free ppv movie by going to and entering the sweepstakes.
  10. robk299

    in display fingerprint sensor patent

  11. robk299

    Why programs not shown in hd?

    My local Fox station has syndicated programming on weekends. None of them are shown in hd, even though the program guide and, in the case of Pets.TV, the logo has "hd" in it. Why would that be? Is it a case that the local station just doesn't pay for the hd version?
  12. robk299

    How much would I pay?

    I want to upgrade from Dish America to AT200 for 3 days only, then back to Dish America. Would I have to pay the full $25 difference or would it be roughly $7.50?
  13. robk299

    Would you recommend buying a Touchpad?

    Been looking at tablets recently & was wondering if a Touchpad would be a good one to buy?
  14. robk299

    Connect two routers wirelessly?

    I have a Cradlepoint router that has no Ethernet ports and I want to be able to go online without buying wireless adapters for my various "boxes". I have an unused old Belkin router and want to know if it's possible to use it.
  15. robk299

    722 skipped recording restored by itself

    I've noticed recently that when I skip a program manually, after some time it gets restored. I've also noticed that when I change the end time, it will revert back to the time that it was set for when I originally set the timer. For example, last weeks Terra Nova was on late because the local...
  16. robk299

    Per subscriber fees?

    I was just wondering if every Dish customer pays for all channels even if they don't subscribe to the corresponding package? In other words, do I pay the NFL Redzone or Science fees if I don't subscribe to those packages?
  17. robk299

    722 rebooted

    My 722 just rebooted and was wondering is there a way to check for an error message or something that would tell me why it rebooted?
  18. robk299

    Is third party ac adapter good?

    I need a new ac adapter for my HP laptop and was wondering if a cheap third party one is just as good as the HP one?
  19. robk299

    On screen "warning"

    Yesterday I turned on my receiver and got a box that said my free HBO would be gone in 3 days. First time that has happened & it's nice to know. But then later in the day while watching a recorded program, I got the box again. This time it was annoying. I'm ok with the box when turning on...
  20. robk299

    Using ehd?

    If I used an external hard drive for my 722, can I use it for other stuff like backing up my pc or does it have to be solely for the 722?