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  1. hoophead

    CH 540-01

    Why is it that whenever I want to view a game on this channel it does not look any better than a regular channel and it is supposed to be 4k?? I have a Samsung UN55NU8000 (3840x2160) Thank you in advance
  2. hoophead

    Moving wireless joey from an inside tv to an outside tv

    The outside tv is within 300ft of Hopper3. Any other info needed? Right now using FireStick and Hulu. Thanx in advance.
  3. hoophead

    Hopper 3 problem : was told we should replace Hopper

    Get this msg turning on TV: on hopper 3 having what appears to be a drawing of a headphone lower right corner (and no volume) "touch any button to view tv otherwise the hopper 3 will go into standby" Volume will return upon doing this new surprise each time on 2 TVs. WHAT?? Anyone else with...
  4. hoophead

    Purchased Samsung TV UN55nu8000 and Dish shows no remote code for it.

    Remote code for Samsung un55nu8000 model? Thanx in advance
  5. hoophead

    dishanywhere problem

    Have not been able to watch live programming from the grid in anticipation of our upcoming vacation. Thought I would check here first if anyone else has had this problem.
  6. hoophead

    Joey won't release tuner after use.

    For example, using the joey down in the exercise room and when completed turn off said TV. Later, in the living room where the hopper resides, I want to view a channel and it tells me all tuners in use. Upon investigating it shows me the joey did not release that channel from the exercise room...
  7. hoophead

    Upstairs hopper does not like playing recordings from downstairs hopper

    We are, usually (but not every time) able to go after and find any programs on 'hopper1' but 'hopper2' might play it for a few minutes and them stops and 'hopper1' then usually just reboots. We have had a CSR eventually tells us we probly need to replace 'hopper1'. We have many movies saved...
  8. hoophead

    VIP722 recording problem

    On occasions when i set up a recording it shows in the timers list but not in the 'schedule' list. When that happens the recording does not, well, record. I check to see if something of higher priority is ahead of this program but is notl Any reasons for this and/or how to resolve this once and...
  9. hoophead

    Would like to professionally increase antenna reception

    Looking for experience, even on the side, for Madison channel reception problem. Have Winegard HD9095P with no preamp/filter. UHF Yagi roof mount. R66 cable - no spllitters. App 5yrs old. All Madison channels app. 42mi away from Watertown house. Receive excellent reception on their NBC, PBS...
  10. hoophead

    Took way too long to receive next DVD

    Sent last back on a Monday the 12th of November and received next the day after Thanksgiving. Emailed my concern with no response. Never took that long even with the Sandy situation. And, no, the next was not 'short wait'
  11. hoophead

    Mad Men actors, etc, on Bravo's 'Inside the Actor's Studio'

    Monday, 5/14 at 6pm CT
  12. hoophead

    'Magic City' on STARZ

    STARZ Original series stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Red Dawn, Grey's Anatomy, etc) rules Magic City, a hotbed of sex, sin, and scandal in JFK-era Miami Beach I watched the first episode on 3/30, and it replays many times. Just what the doctor ordered for men as far as I am concerned !
  13. hoophead

    Versus (Ch151) to be renamed NBC Sports Channel on January 2nd

    Found this in my TV Guide magazine, in part;...on January 2 it will undergo an extreme makeover. It's going to be radically different over time says Jon Miller, the president of programming, who is building what he calls a full-service sports network. New events include major league soccer games...
  14. hoophead

    Why am I not able to connect to Blockbuster Movie Pass on my television?

    No problem on the computer.... I have wireless broadband that my bluray player recognizes. I have a 722 DVR But when I select Blockbuster Movie Pass it gives me the message about needing to connect to broadband. :confused:
  15. hoophead

    TNT cancels 'Memphis Beat'

    Too bad; enjoyed Jason Leigh ever since ...'Earl'
  16. hoophead

    Cannot access my ota locals

    my locals, OTA, are nowhere to be found. Cannot even do a rescan. Every time I punch in a local number on my 722 it blacks out and starts a reboot; very frustrating!
  17. hoophead

    TV series & movie marathons for Labor Day weekend 2011

    265 TV Series & Movie Marathons for Labor Day Weekend 2011 (Sorry if not the correct forum)
  18. hoophead

    Suddenly it is rare that a Milwaukee Brewers' game is shown in HD

    IIRC, starting the week of 7/11, right after the MLB A/S game about only one game a week is shown in HD. In the past it would be the other way around. Finally reached James Chang in Executive Communications and he had no knowledge of any problems like this. Said he will check into it more and...
  19. hoophead

    July 4th weekend television marathons, etc

    You can find the 265 TV Specials, Sporting Events, Movies & Marathons for July 4th Weekend 2011 here: 265 TV Marathons & Specials for 4th of July Weekend 2011
  20. hoophead

    TV shows, marathons,etc, on this long Memorial Day weekend

    275 TV Specials, Movies & Marathons for Memorial Day Weekend 2011