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    Dish 500 Install - Need Some Help

    I installed my Dish 500 and 322 ( weekend cabin - carrying the 433 back n forth with me) - set up the elevation (28) Skew (122) and Azimuth (236 - which I did by GPS) but was able to only successfuly lock into a Spanish Satellite satellite. Any suggestions from anyone? Would buying a...
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    Dish 500 and 322 Receiver Questions

    I was given a 322, Dish 500 and 2 LNB's (1) DP Plus and (1) DP Pro by my brother - successfully had it activated on my account - and plan on taking it back n forth every weekend to our summer place. ( which they did charge me a $5.99 montly fee to add a 3rd receiver - already have 2 622's - is...
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    Dish Self-Installation

    Want to install Dish at our summer house and currently have an old DirecTV dish mounted on a pole in our side yard. I have a Dish500 and a 322 receiver that was given to me. Is pointing the dish an "easy" scenario or am I asking for trouble? Can it be done with just a compass or ...? Thanks.
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    Can this be right

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    Dish PrePaid Questions

    Looking to add the prepaid service to our summer house - but not quite sure where to purchase/install in the Buffalo, NY area. Dish's site says Radio Shack - but of course they can't do the install. We currently have a pole sunk in the ground- with an old Direc TV dish ( 5+ years old) mounted...
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    2 UHF remotes on a 322?

    I have (2) UHF remotes that I would like to use on my 322. Is this possible and if so how do I go about setting it up? Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.
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    Starz Promo

    Is there a special promo running now allowing you to get Starz for 3 months at no charge? I know there was a Showtime deal - but thought I read somewhere Starz was also running a similar promo. Thanks
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    Buffalo NY - HD Locals

    E said to look for HD Locals after Christmas. Guess its my fault for not asking which Christmas. Anyone have any insight?
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    NHL HD Channel

    Anyone have any idea as to why E didn't broadcast the Sabres/Ottawa game on Versus/HD last night? It was definately broadcasted in HD - TW had it on in the Buffalo area. Looking at the guide, they list Saturday's game. Just wondering if there is a good reason...
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    Lost the OTA Tuner on my 622

    Received the 4.03RBED upgrade on Thursday and instantly loss all functionality of the OTA tuner. I have performed a soft and hard reset, pulled the plug, performed a check switch, mades ure the HD setup is on "Offair" and rescanned dozens of times. Talked with USA based Tech support (didn't...
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    OTA loss with 4.03

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    Critical Update Message

    I did not receive the 4.01 update last week but on Saturday night at 10:30 I received a message, one I've never seen before, that simply stated " Critical Update Needed - do you wish to continue?" Of course my wife was in control of the remote and promptly selected no. I did a manual update a...