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    Comcast to start encrypting basic cable 'over the coming months'

    That must be a long cable from Minneapolis to Sandy Fork, Delaware.
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    Pansat Pansat 9200hd Receiver Update

    Version 1229 was the last before they went belly up. It might of had something for the S-2 plus tuner.
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    HITS upgrading to dvb s2 technology

    Now its a Paypal thread, please close this up.
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    HITS upgrading to dvb s2 technology

    I thought this thread was about Hits, getting a little off track.
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    Bud Install

    Wait till it warms up and do it yourself, lots of smart people here to help you out.
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    Enter To Win: GEOSATpro microHD FTA Receiver

    I want a microHD for 2013
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    Anybody have any cheap FTA receivers for sale?

    I also have a pile, some like new in factory cartons.
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    Drake ESR 1424 Earth Station Rcvr...What's it good for?

    Drake receivers are collectable, could be worth something.
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    Free for the diging

    Both still here looking for a new home.
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    FREE BUD Dish, Orlando Florida

    Good luck, I have two, only five feet off the ground I can't give away.
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    Free for the diging

    There both still standing in the back yard, free for the digging.......(is it one "g" or two?)
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    Free for the diging

    I'm in the SE, about 6 or 7 miles south of St. Paul. I don't have a camera or the know how to post pictures.
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    Free for the diging

    Due to trees and other reasons I will give away my two dish's. I have a 6-foot prime focus C-band and a 3-foot offset KU-band. Both come complete with lnbf's and a Stab motor. The only catch is you have to dig out the posts. There's not a lot of concrete because I knew they would have to come...
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    Scanner any good?

    Thanks for the info guys. This thing is pretty quiet compared to what it once was. It does have the search function so I'll try that.
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    Scanner any good?

    Got a old BC895XLT I dug up. Is this thing any good or just another doorstop?
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    First FTA receiver?

    Coolsat 4000 for me. I bought the whole package for around $250 if I remember correctly. Three foot fortec star and a stab motor, still using dish and motor.
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    New GEOSATpro microHD Receiver

    The last female deer I shot was a doe, maybe its different in Ontario.