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    Titanium Satellite PLL LNBF OSMOCOM Hack

    Looks like you sent them so much traffic it knocked their site offline. :) I can't reach it at present. Edit: Got in just now. Looks simple enough for a guy with even moderate skills to do but like Titanium mentioned, how many guys need or will do this for FTA? My C1 kicks butt all on its own...
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    XBOX One Owners Thread

    If a guy paid $60/yr for xbone live that amounts to 16.4 cents per day. That's not even worth a refund for the frustration. What would be good compensation? Extend subs by a few days? A month? It seems to be just like internet or cable or satellite service. Those can go down for long periods too...
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    XBOX One Owners Thread

    LMAO! I'm just pissed that it is back to where I can't use the damn media player to play ANYTHING because of whatever is going on. X360 still up and all is well except of course it doesn't support DLNA nor will it play MKV's which happens to be what I want to watch on a damn xbox right now...
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    AMIKO Amiko Nano HD vs Mini HD

    Those are not even the same chipset and the check should stop it from flashing. If for some reason it doesn't, you'd brick the box by putting wrong FW on it.
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    XBOX One Owners Thread

    Yup you are right. Played a round of BOIII (disc) no problem but just tried a digital download game and got the stupid try again in awhile message. At least Netflix working since I don't already have that on a dozen other boxes here. Blah. It's funny I was thinking yesterday how maybe I should...
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    XBOX One Owners Thread

    The Media Player and Netflix appear to be working now so I'd guess that most if not everything is back up and working.
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    XBOX One Owners Thread

    I discovered this a few hours ago trying to access....THE MEDIA PLAYER!!!! :wtf I can't get into it to play anything DLNA or locally or use my HDHomeRun tuner. None of this should require any internet whatsoever! Disconnecting from the internet gives the message to add media or a DLNA share...
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    AMIKO How to fix missing North American EPG Channels on Amiko A3

    Special thanks goes to FridgeFTA Forum Members olivero604 & kg4muc for help with this issue. Olivero604 posted something about the transponders that lead me to the problem, kg4muc provided his satellite/channel data and did fix testing to confirm this works. The reason why some of you are...
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    [Minnesota] Sasquatch is on the loose in Duluth!

    Vallyfair is maybe 10 miles LOS from me in Burnsville. I'll have to give it a try next time I'm in the car. Until we are under 50F here I'm on the bike and I don't have any traditional radios other than the car. A few years back this wouldn't be a problem. I had like a mile of longwire hooked to...
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    [Minnesota] Sasquatch is on the loose in Duluth!

    I'm always looking for good out of market rock/metal stations especially in greater MN when I travel. After you said "Metallica" I was hoping they were on Iheartradio but found nothing. Took awhile to find this on their site, says station unavailable when you hit play...
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    Scott's Amazon 4K FireTV Review

    Scott, Try sideloading something like this to get a look at your rough U/D speeds when streaming: Of course the first thing I'd look to do with any Android device is to root it. If that can be done you might be...
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    The "World News Live" Add-on for KODI will stream Euronews in USA without a VPN. There are some other sources as well but this one is excellent if you like International news stations without all the American media b.s. There are a bunch of good news stations with that add-on. When I was in...
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    AMIKO Amiko A3 Owners Thread

    This happened to me not long ago as well. In my case it was something bad in KODI that corrupted userdata, locked the box, wiped it out and generally made a mess. Disconnect power, reconnect power and immediately hold the front panel button until the recovery screen comes up. This is 15-20...
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    Comcast channel lineup is ....

    Here in Twin Cities on Xfinity HD locals start at 802. The 600's like in the screencap posted a few posts back are mostly Latino channels here. I think NFL Network HD & SD are 170-something, both back to back.
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    Aljazeera America Scrambled Now?

    If you happen to have an Amiko A3 satellite box or another Android box you can still get this using VPN.... 1. Install the livestation app. 2. Use a UK or EU gateway. 3. Launch the App and you'll find AJA. If you already have this setup you'll probably skip the crappy America channel and...
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    Comcast channel lineup is ....

    I have Comcast/Xfinity as well and you are right, the grouping sucks compared to satellite. Cable has been this way since the 80's when I first got it. The funny thing is that Comcast in one market can have completely different channel orders than another market. I think it goes back to the...
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    SPECIAL REPORT: Is Stealing the NEW WAY of watching TV?

    I saw a girl that runs a motorcycle accessory store for women with basically the same sales pitch. I looked at the box, "only" $299 for what was essentially a dual core Amiko A3 but with no satellite built in. It was more like a $30 China Special with Kodi loaded in there. If those things are...
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    Amazon's New $49.99 Fire Tablet

    Not a fan of Amazon's past tablets but for $50 not much to lose. You could spend more and get a lot worse with a china tab. Naturally my first question....can we root it? :)
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    AMIKO How does the Big2Small app work?

    Grab the ALi version rather than the one on the Amiko sites. It works better with the later software: I'm not in front of a Mini and it's been awhile since I messed with it streaming but you'll find an option in the Mini...
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    New advertisement in Dallas, AIRBOX TELEVISION

    About a year or two ago I ran my HDhomerun through TS Reader and saw tons of channels (most encrypted with Nagra) on the ION station for MSP DMA. The guys at my place did indeed respond that it was this pay service. I never see it advertised and haven't heard anything more until now. Got to...