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    Special Retailer Chat Recap - August 24th, 2009

    Sir, can add the $5.99 Multi Sports Package with Classic Bronze100Plus and higher packages :)
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    External Hard Drive Archive Bug Thread

    Requirements for connecting EHD A USB 2.0 external hard drive which is larger than 40GB and no larger than 750GB The hard drive must have its own AC power adapter No dual drives (two drives in one case) No flash-memory drives No hybrid drives (flash memory plus traditional disk in one...
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    External Hard Drive Archive Bug Thread

    Guys we do have some updates that our receivers will not work on Seagate EHD, dont know why....just for your reference
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    622/722 Two Way Remote Support?

    Scott when will dishnetwork releasing those remotes? we still doesnt have any idea?
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    UPDATES!!!!Mini uplink got a problem

    Don't worry everything will be fixed in just a little period of time, E* engineering dept is already working on it! Thanks!
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    UPDATES!!!!Mini uplink got a problem

    The following DMA’s are currently experiencing signal loss: Atlanta Mini Uplink Facility – 61.5 Signal Only Atlanta, GA; Charlotte, NC; Chattanooga, TN; Columbia, SC; Florence-Myrtle Beach, SC; Greensboro-Winston Salem, NC; Greenville-Spartanburg, SC; Knoxville, TN:mad: PLS. STAY TUNED for...
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    RF Coax to RCA Signal Conversion

    There's another way instead of a VCR you can also use a converter that can be tuned to channels 60 or 73 that can converts coax to RCA
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    First Look - Dish Whole House HD/SD Solution?

    Why wasting your time using those discontinued type of rcvrs (811,921,942) while you can upgrad it for free :D LOL
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    Channels In the new TURBO HD pkgs

    I think Jim is right its better to put it that way so that what ever might happened if you cancel your turbo HD pack after 8/01/08 you will still be eligible to get it back :D
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    No Existing Sub can get Turbo HD?

    for existing customer : Iknow this is a little bit confussing Starting August 1st you can be Turbo-Charged and get the benefits and features of TurboHD for as little as $10 a month with our BronzeHD, SilverHD or GoldHD packages. If you are upgrading to HD or already have an HD package you can...
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    Point of view for CSR/TSR from other countries?

    Thanks Spatch and kwaalude, some people dont understand that...but that's ok this is an open forum..
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    Point of view for CSR/TSR from other countries?

    yes that's true they hire guys like me to help you with those device that you guys cant handle? isnt it odd for people like you that thinks you know what to do? :cool:
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    SD Receiver & Locals

    what do you mean by not receiving via OTA, are you far from the local braodcasters?:confused:
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    Point of view for CSR/TSR from other countries?

    \ but not all CSR's are just reading it from a decision tree like us we do have trainings there and being updated as well by echostar using their equipment it's just that front liner CSR just need to provide certain steps before they escalated the call to us :cool:
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    old receiver ???????

    its a case to case basis, DN will only ask you for a contract if you're going to upgrade the rcvr to a higher but do you know the model of that rcvr that you wanted to be replaced?
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    Super Home Node and DTVPal

    to chceck the remote code for the dish rcvr press the menu twice and it will provide you the remote code usually its on rem address 1 as well
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    Lost my program guide

    :eurekarun check switch test, basically running the test will check if you do have sat signal wherein the EPG is being sent to you, but if the problem is within the that definitely caused that issue:eureka
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    Humming Noise with Components Cable

    I agreed, you might need a proper grounding system for your rccvr...and that could solve your issue :D
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    Can I fix this issue myself?

    if the problem still not fixed call the toll free hotline 1800-333-3474 to diagnos you're rcvr and definitely it will be replaced :eureka
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    new NHL Center ICE PPV channel

    yeps! if you do have the package you can now view the game on the new channels:D