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  1. mlb

    Time Warner Press Release

    Good move, toadfannc. I left TWC 15 months ago and I have never looked back. Since then I've had 5 friends drop TWC and move to Dish. TWC is a terrible company to begin with, and if they aren't going to compete in both price and product then there is no need for me to be their customer. I cut...
  2. mlb

    Question about digital?

    Even the same headend can have different regions as well... I had a friend who lived about 5 minutes from his brother and tried this (to watch a PPV he had ordered on a bigger screen), didn't work.
  3. mlb

    Nasa TV?

    TWC in Southwest Ohio doesn't have it... they are forced to put it on the basic package, they aren't allowed to charge extra to get NASA TV from what I've read. That is why FTA people can pick up NASA TV from Dish Network's satellites (it isn't encrypted).
  4. mlb

    Switching from Dish Network worth it?

    I'd imagine you will be back, enjoy the cheaper rates while you can. I signed up to TWC years back and in the end I was paying the same as what I pay to Dish now but only getting their basic tier plus their HD tier. No movie channels, much less HD, etc. I kept my bill about the same but now I...
  5. mlb

    Switching from Dish Network worth it?

    I left TWC due to their standard package pricing. You may be able to get a good deal for 12-18 months, after that they jack up the price sometimes as much as 2 to 3 times. Not a bad deal short term, but you may find yourself back pretty quick after the original deal expires.
  6. mlb

    New to TWC - Ex Dish Network

    MTV2 in HD? I assume you mean MHD, there is no MTV2HD. Apparently you are in a good area for TWC... when I left TWC in June, I was paying $105 for the DigiPic 2000 package + HD Tier, 2 pay channels (HBO and Showtime). I didn't get the digital value pack, Starz, TMC, etc.. I now pay $115 to...
  7. mlb

    New to TWC - Ex Dish Network

    Explain to me why you had to switch between boxes and TV inputs with Dish but not with TWC. That makes no sense. I have the ViP-622 HD DVR and never switch between any inputs/boxes on my TV unless I want to watch a DVD. I'm glad you are happy with TWC, I was never upset with their PQ, just...
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    Enjoy the game tonight

    Satellite also has costs associated with their satellites that cable companies don't have. Either way, TWC turns the highest profit per customer of any TV provider. If they really wanted to compete in price with E* or D* they could, they just choose not to. In my opinion, we are seeing how...
  9. mlb

    Enjoy the game tonight

    Fair point, Steve. Only difference is that TWC is more expensive without NFL Network/HD, ESPN2HD, and ESPNU than E* is...
  10. mlb

    HDNet now on TWC in Dallas

    HDNet has been on in most TWC areas forever. Are you a former comcast or adelphia area?
  11. mlb

    No more INHD2 in Garland,TX.(Dallas)

    He probably wouldn't have even brought it up if you weren't such a pompous a$$hole when denying the rumor he posted, HDTVFanAtic.
  12. mlb

    How Do I Get Rid Of The Grey Bars?!

    You should only see the grey bars on SD channels. When I had TWC I wished I could have turned them off as well.
  13. mlb

    TWC Service Tech Help

    Problems? I'd say most people have problems with the way the company is run, not really the technical side of things. A few of things that come to mind: A. Prices way too high, at least in Dayton, Ohio. $103 for digipic 2000 and 2 HD-DVRs per month is ridiculous. When I called up about it they...
  14. mlb

    The NFL Network gets agressive with TWC and other lame cable ops

    Just leave TWC. I switched to Dish 2 months back and I am as happy as I possibly can be.
  15. mlb

    Anyone know how to read diagnostic information from a cable box (signal quality)

    On Passport you need to press "select" and "exit" together until you get the "DIAG" message to pop up on the receiver. Then tune to 611 and you are good to go.
  16. mlb

    Anyone know how to read diagnostic information from a cable box (signal quality)

    GMFreak8/Longhorn, do you guys have Passport software on your TWC boxes or something else?
  17. mlb

    Anyone know how to read diagnostic information from a cable box (signal quality)

    Press the Select and Exit buttons together until you see "diag" on the front of the box (and generally hear a ding if you have audio on), then turn the channel to channel 611 (that is how it is in Dayton and Cincinnati, I'd imagine Columbus is the same way). Then you should get all of the...
  18. mlb

    rumor about HD on TWC

    UniversalHD isn't even available in all areas... it has been 2 years since ESPNHD was added, then for 2 weeks in February we had UniversalHD. Outside of that there has been NO new HD additions in 2 years in the Western Ohio division, hence the reason I left them.
  19. mlb

    rumor about HD on TWC

    I don't blame Longhorn at all, personally. I blame TWC doing everything they can to string people along, all the while doing nothing and making HUGE money. Time Warner sucks, they are a terrible company, that is why I dumped them out of my house (no internet or TV through Time Warner any more).
  20. mlb

    rumor about HD on TWC

    I'll believe it when I see it... Time Warner is all talk, no action.