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    New Joey 4?

    I have seen some articles about a new Joey 4 with HDR. Any idea when this may be released?
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    Has anyone got Amazon Prime working on their Joey's?

    Amazon Prime works fine with my six Joeys.
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    External Hard Drive Keeps Disappearing

    Same problem with my 6TB WD MyBook. Sounds like a problem that is occurring after some software update. Never had this problem before.
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    Internal Drive Hopper 3

    Is there any way you can upgrade the internal disk drive in a Hopper 3? If it can be done, that would be preferable to an external drive where you need to move programs from the internal drive to the external drive.
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    Can't turn off H3 receiver with remote anymore

    I have the same problem. Support talked me through resetting the remote. That worked for a few days then the same problem again. Never did that before a few weeks ago. Only does that for one TV that I have ( I have eight). Frustrating since I must turn off the TV manually. This is for a 54...
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    Missing Timers

    Not necessarily. We would notice it when we would go to play a show that should have been recorded and wasn't. There may have been something that we recorded but not all the time. Nothing that we might say was a causal incident. Next time it happens we will be more observant. For a short...
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    Missing Timers

    I have performed all the tests, etc. as listed by you. Everything was OK. I have not encountered the problem is the past week or so. When it occurred (numerous times) it just did it with no logic that I could discern.
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    Missing Timers

    Recently some timers have disappeared. So far they have been news shows and were easily detectable. I have been missing about one every few days, usually different ones. Any cure?
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    Missing Timers

    Recently some timers have disappeared. So far they have been news shows and were easily detectable. I have been missing about one every few days, usually different ones. Any cure?
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    FOX Dispute?

    Our local affiliate in San Francisco is off the air thanks to the Dish-Fox dispute. I pay for locals and we should get them all. I don't care whose fault it is, we should get what we pay for. Settle it many more channels are you going to deprive us of (HBO)? We can't receive...
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    No sound unless you restart Joey or pull out HDMI and plug back in.

    I had the same issue. Tech tried everything...finally just got another TV and it worked just fine. I have seven other TV's and no problems just this one. It was an older Phillips 32".
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    U518@1:21 AM.

    Hopper 3 to Hopper 3 partially fixed. It worked on one Hopper but not the other...strange. On one Hopper it worked just fine, but going the reverse way it still had problems, but not and many as before.
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    Elite Member

    I recently switched to Dish after 16 years with DTV, had some problems with a Philips TV not turning on unless the HDMI cable was removed and reinserted. Also had some problems with their paid support plan and their definition of an External Hard Drive. In any event after a work around that all...
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    Epix back on Dish Movie Pack???

    Went on line and the Epix channels are listed on the Movie Pack, as well as a charge for $10 for the Movie Pack.
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    Dish vs directv 4K

    Was with DTV 16 years and switched to DISH about three months ago. Have two Hopper 3s, 5 Joey 3s and a 4K Joey. Notice no difference in PQ at all! Love the Hoppers and their ability to record 16 shows at once as well as their capacity. Both the Hoppers and the Joeys are faster that the...
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    Connect two (2) Hopper-3's and a Joey possible?

    I have two Hopper 3s that see each other, but I also have 8 tvs...Dish suggested two Hopper 3s although I had to supply one. Dish installed everything.
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    Hopper3 gets confused playing recording on second Hopper3

    I have two Hopper 3's and have the same problem, basically I can't view anything recorded on one Hopper from the other, although it doesn't fail in the reverse. They viewed it and said they are going to fix worked a few days ago then stopped working. I am new to Dish...are these...
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    Multiple Hopper 3's?

    I just had two Hopper 3's installed by DISH. The approved of having two and in fact suggested it (I have 8TV's). They worked great until a few days ago when evidently due to a software release they had some problems that they are working on. But yes, they now approve of having two Hopper 3's...
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    Wiring diagram for 2 Hopper 3 and 6 Joey

    The installer used a "42" switch and two hybrid hubs. Not sure what type of LNB he used, but he had to change it from the original one he used. System works great. 16 years with DTV and really like the Hopper 3 and Joeys. They all are very fast. Hardware is much better than DTV and image...
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    Accessing Hopper EHD

    I just had two Hopper 3's installed (thanks to your help). Each one has an EHD. Is there any way one Hopper 3 can access the EHD of the other Hopper?