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  1. comcastsucks

    Americas's Everything package...

    Does it include Multi Sports Pack w/redzone, Encore Movie Package, Epix Package? It's hard to tell from the website…it seems it has some of each but not the whole package??? Any real world knowledge is appreciated !
  2. comcastsucks

    30 second jump

    I seem to recall there was a way to change the 'fast forward' on a DVR receiver from the default where you see what you are fast forwarding over in sped up motion, to a jump where you just go 30 seconds down the road. Does this still exist? How do you make the setting?
  3. comcastsucks

    On Demand question

    I have a Linksys WPN824v2 wireless router. Can I use this wireless router with powerline adapters, or do I have to use a non-wireless router? I don't want to go with the wireless solution as I can forsee too many problems with setup and speed, Also, are the kits DirecTv sells any good, or...
  4. comcastsucks

    Are favorites lists 'smart'?

    Do favorites lists update if you have a channel marked as a favorite, and then its channel number changes? I am guessing no..but it would be nice
  5. comcastsucks

    banner ads in gude

    Is there anyway to get rid of the banner ads in the guide? By banner ad I mean those things that advertise how to use things like DVR scheduler..
  6. comcastsucks

    Active button on remote

    What is your opinion of the ACTIVE button on the Remote?
  7. comcastsucks

    MAXW 514 boo boo

    7pm PST on Jan 14 Guide says American Graffiti, actual program American Gangster. Quite a different movie. Does this type of thing happen often on Direct? I am guessing someone somwhere inputs the programs, and just grabbed the wrong American G****
  8. comcastsucks

    RC64R question

    Is it possible to setup the RC64R remote such that when in sat mode, he volume controls the AV receiver and not the TV?
  9. comcastsucks

    House wiring option with wireless router

    I want to hook up my HD DVR so I can get on demand programming. The user manual says there are three options. Direct wire, house wiring, and wireless. They dont' suggest wireless. The house wiring option requires a broadband router. Can this router be wireless?
  10. comcastsucks

    All FSN networks?

    I just got Directv yesterday..I seem to have access to all the Fox Sports Networks...not just my local ones. Anyone else experience this? I suspect they will go away next time they do a check on my system. But for now its cool!
  11. comcastsucks

    For those of you losing some locals

    I dropped Dish today and went to Direct. Only reason was that they dropped my local ABC station (KATU/Fisher Broadcasting) When I called to cancel Dish asked if they gave me $10 off for 6 months if I stayed with Dish. I said no. They said how about $10 off for 12 months..Same answer...
  12. comcastsucks

    OTA reception on VIP622

    I am having a problem with picking up OTA channels on my VIP622 receiver. I have a VIP 211 receiver using the same antenna and no problems. Further I am using a splitter on the 622 for FM and get excellent FM reception. Also, If I plug the feed I am using for the 622 OTA directly into the TV...
  13. comcastsucks

    Favorites reset

    So today I pulled up one of my favorites and noticed a bunch of channels in it that weren't part of that favorite. I checked the other user definable favorites and found the same issue. I also noticed a new option on how to display the favorites from the menu screen...I interpret this as a new...
  14. comcastsucks

    Mail address for dish

    Does anybody have the street address of dish network? I would like to send Charlie a note explaining my displeasure with his 'customer service'. To summarize: In April I had a problem with a receiver. I called Dish to request a replacement I got the replacement promptly BUT The didn't...
  15. comcastsucks

    HD Receiver shortage?

    I had Dish installed last Saturday..they were supposed to bring a HD DVR and a standalone HD reciever. They only brought the HD DVR and a non-HD box. The installer told me there is a shortage of HD standalone boxes (211?)...they are supposed to bring the replacment out next weekend...which I...
  16. comcastsucks

    Arcam code

    Anybody find a code for the remote for an ARCAM AVR300?