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  1. TopRamen

    Dual OTA Adapter Support for Smaller Subnets

    I am in Sacramento, so it's the Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto market. Specifically looking at RetroTV, Cheddar, Comet, MeTV and Laff. Do people really think you'll plug in the OTA adapter without an antenna and pick up channels? :crowdbounce
  2. TopRamen

    Dual OTA Adapter Support for Smaller Subnets

    Hey folks, I'm thinking about switching from Cable (boo!) to Dish Network and I'm also interested in getting the dual OTA adapter for recording some of the networks that aren't uplinked to Dish. (MeTV, RetroTV, Comet, ThisTV, and a few others.) Since some of these stations are Low Power TV...
  3. TopRamen

    Has any one get 24/7 free to air OTA broadcast in your areas?

    a couple of LPTVs here in Northern California have it. It's not great for actual news, but there's some interesting news opinion shows. The LPTV I watch it on has a couple other channels prioritized in it's encoder so Newsmax suffers in terms of picture quality.
  4. TopRamen

    Subchannel Discussion Thread

    Super Question. I know a pretty high ranking guy at CBS News who told me that there are no plans to make it a Cable or Diginet. One of the reasons is because they want to push people to the internet, CBS All Access, skinny packs/OTT. There's also some FCC compliance issues (they'd have to add...
  5. TopRamen

    SF Sutro Tower Antenna Changes

    I sometimes pick up some of the Bay Area stations here in West Sacramento, I hope it improves KGO and KRON's signals as they were typically the hardest to pick up.
  6. TopRamen

    Rumble TV / Ammerican Horror 97w

    Thank you for keeping it FTA for those of us hobbyists! It's much appreciated. I hope that some of the Sci-Fi programming includes MST3k. :-D
  7. TopRamen

    What Are DirecTV's Standard Proceedures for Non-Prewired (For Satellite) Apartments?

    Are Most DTV installers able to unlock the typical cable box lock on an apartment building? (given that it's owned by the complex, etc. etc. etc.)
  8. TopRamen

    Moving Before A Year is Up to an Apartment

    Great news: Finally called Directv and it's only $149 for relocation. Well within my budget (and cheaper than doing it myself). We'll see how installation goes on Sunday!
  9. TopRamen

    Moving Before A Year is Up to an Apartment

    It is flat and accessible by a ladder that is attached to the side of the building. The foreseeable problems are: 1) Cost 2) getting the signal inside- The Cable box on the exterior of the building *might* be cable company owned and therefore locked. In which case I need to figure out...
  10. TopRamen

    Moving Before A Year is Up to an Apartment

    as long as there are no holes drilled and wiring systems are not damaged. Basically if I get a Non-Penetrating Roof Mount install, with the coax from the dish going to the cable box mounted to the exterior of the building (a short run of coax, maybe 25-35 feet) and connected to my apartment's...
  11. TopRamen

    Moving Before A Year is Up to an Apartment

    Definitely flat.
  12. TopRamen

    Moving Before A Year is Up to an Apartment

    Yup, she's making me pay a $200 "dish deposit" so the least she can do is allow roof access. I understand landlords not allowing this, but it seems a little counter productive sometimes, they can have cleaner, more unobtrusive dish installs if they allowed it.
  13. TopRamen

    Moving Before A Year is Up to an Apartment

    Balcony is a no go, it's east facing and masonry. My landlord wants a non pen mount on the roof and honestly that's the only way it'll work anyway. I'll call dtv today and see what's up. It's nice to know that non penetrating mounts are included now as 80 bucks tacked onto the 250 was probably...
  14. TopRamen

    Moving Before A Year is Up to an Apartment

    Hey Guys, I'm moving from one apartment to another (moving in with the ole ball and chain) and I'm only going to be 8 months into my DTV contract, and my on-time payment history isn't perfect. (The first few months I kept thinking I had paid my bill, but I had just gotten to the confirmation...
  15. TopRamen

    Apartment Setup

    Is it possible to set up a FTA system in an apartment? I'm not even sure i can reach a satellite from my balcony. I haven't bought any receivers but i have a couple of analog c/ku band receivers laying around. I also have an old dishnet dish on a pole and a tripod. (yes i know i'll have to...
  16. TopRamen

    M.J. courtroom footage on amc-5

    if it's actual "In Courtroom" footage, it's probably the E! dramatized version (where they take the transcripts and dramatize it to a similar tune) i don't think cameras are allowed in the courtroom.
  17. TopRamen

    News Channel uplinks

    yeah, only the big events are worth the money to go via satellite... usually only national broadcasts are done over satellite. anyone know how far microwave transmissions can reach?
  18. TopRamen

    ISS/NASATV Feeds

    I noticed on Lyngsat, that NASATV has NASATVFEEDS just above it. what's up there? also, i was wondering if there are any ISS feeds that run constantly found on any satellites, or can you actually pick up the feed directly from the iss (or is the iss too fast for that) excuse my ignorance...
  19. TopRamen

    360? Coverage with 1 Arm?

    aha! thank you carload!
  20. TopRamen

    360? Coverage with 1 Arm?

    360 degree Coverage with 1 Arm? So, I'm working on this Dish that my school has, and it can't go 360 degrees. Is that normal? Or did they just install a wimpya$$ arm on it. i just got a BRAND NEW (ok... barely used... not even a year old) actuator arm, and so maybe i can use it? maybe...