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    OTHER Splitter question

    If I connect only two outputs of a 4 way splitter (Steren 201-244), do I get 1/2 or 1/4 strength of the original signal on each output? In other words, can a 4 way splitter serve as a 2 way splitter when only two outputs are needed? I understand that the signal strength of each of the 4 outputs...
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    Anyone having problem with Galaxy 3C?

    Phoenix HK disappeared from Galaxy 3C (95W) last Wednesday. It has been a week. Anyone having the same issue? CCTV channels work fine, and I still have green light on my tuner for Phoenix HK. Just no signal.
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    Am I pointing to G3C?

    I am trying to receive CCTV on G3C(95.0W), and I am using TBS5922SE USB tuner, Winegard 30 Inch Diameter Universal Satellite Dish Antenna (DS-2076), and NEXspark Standard Linear OEM LNB Ku Band Single FTA Satellite Dish 10750 950-2000Mhz Here is the output of TBS-BlindScan: 1=11779,V,49089...