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  1. AllieVi

    Considering FiOS - Need Advice

    Thanks for the clarification. Now I have a better understanding of how the system is designed. Unfortunately, I don’t see a simple way to control the receivers the way I do now. If I’m in the bedroom and want to watch something on DVR #1, I push a couple buttons on the remote to make it...
  2. AllieVi

    Considering FiOS - Need Advice

    That's a very interesting solution to the lack of an RF remote capability. Thanks for the link.
  3. AllieVi

    Considering FiOS - Need Advice

    Are you saying that you can’t connect the DVR directly to a TV, but also have to have set top boxes? For the DVR to be able to record programs, it must have built in tuner(s). I’m confused. :confused:
  4. AllieVi

    Considering FiOS - Need Advice

    I don’t envision or want additional set top boxes. I just want to have the primary output(s) go to my main TV and also be able to send the signal(s) around the house via my analog distribution system. My current setup allows me modulate analog output from each of my two DISH DVR’s, combine...
  5. AllieVi

    Considering FiOS - Need Advice

    I’m a DISH customer considering a switch to Fios TV. I already have Fios Internet/phone service. I don’t have any HD TV’s, but am in the market for one to replace the main TV. The rest of my sets (about 15) will remain SD for a long time. I currently have 2 DISH Standard Definition DVR’s...
  6. AllieVi

    Buy American

    The upside to selling U.S.-only products is that one can get by with a MUCH smaller store and have less money tied up in inventory … :)
  7. AllieVi

    what kind of coax cable is this

    I didn't have an answer to your question, so I just thought I’d Google “JW3907091 commscope” just to see what came up. The only result was THIS THREAD. The original posting was today at 3:43 PM and Google had it at 5:30 PM (West Coast time in both cases). Google spiders must be working overtime!!
  8. AllieVi

    Big announcement by Verizon! (FiOS)

    Microsoft almost always transfers to me at 5 Mb/s. When you see the download speed in the box, don’t forget to make a speed adjustment. The numbers provided are megabytes per second, not megabits. My downloads will show something like 640 MB/s – I multiply that number by 8 bits-per-byte to...
  9. AllieVi

    Big announcement by Verizon! (FiOS)

    I have FiOS at the 5/2 level, and some sites do download at the 5 Mb/s speed (typically downloads from software providers). I don’t sense that I ever get uploads at 2Mb/s, though. Like you say, there’s little incentive to go for the highest rates until destination computers can keep up with...
  10. AllieVi

    Building new house, coax question

    Attaching wires/cables to studs (even those that are just carrying signals) is a new construction code requirement everywhere I’ve lived.
  11. AllieVi

    Building new house, coax question

    I concur. When building my house about 8 years ago I installed cables to some places and about midway through the construction switched to just conduit. I wish it was all conduit now. I installed the best cables available at the time, but standards are now higher and I can’t easily replace...
  12. AllieVi

    Running buried wire ?

    More information is in this thread.
  13. AllieVi

    Used Notch Filter Wanted

    Search eBay for "notch filter."
  14. AllieVi

    building new house

    Good question. It’s called futureproofing. Cat-5 was the standard a while back. Cat-5e is common now and Cat-6 is becoming more popular. One day we may use fiber-optic cables in our house. If you do as dodge recommends, you’ll be able to easily remove older standard cables in the future when...
  15. AllieVi

    building new house

    It’s good practice to avoid running signal cables parallel to power lines. If they have to be parallel, keep them at least 2’ apart. Signal and power lines that cross at 90-degree angles are not a problem. Having said that, well-shielded coax cables (particularly the quad-shield variety) will...
  16. AllieVi

    Coax spec for conduit run underground

    If you’re putting it in conduit, there’s no hurry to install the cable as long as you can access both ends of the conduit after the work is done and walls are finished (and you definitely should have that capability). I did what you’re doing and used quad-shield with copper center conductor...
  17. AllieVi

    If Fios Wants To Beat Cable Then They Have To Listen To The Consumer!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can a TiVo be used in lieu of the FIOS box(es)?
  18. AllieVi

    Dad - new FIOS Sub

    Here's a good source of FIOS information:
  19. AllieVi

    Verizon FIOS

    I recommend this site.
  20. AllieVi

    FiOS getting stronger in Florida...

    Let’s make sure we’re talking (fingering, actually :) ) about the same thing. Is Verizon/ATT proposing to enter a new area or simply asking to be allowed to provide TV in its existing service area? In my case, Verizon was my carrier and I had FiOS broadband, but it wasn’t allowed to sell me...