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    How to handle possibly moving my dish

    I am having pixilation problems on my 722 receiver with channels from the 129 satellite position. I checked the signal strength on the Dish pointing menu page and it jumps all over the place (e.g., 20, 17, 11, 2, 3, 25, 11, etc.). I’m getting intermittent pop-ups indicating partial and/or...
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    Need slingbox remote setting for 2800/3700 receiver

    I recently bought a second slingbox that I was hooking up to my 2800 receiver (yes it's old but it works!), but when I try to configure the remote control, I can't find a matching model for my 2800 receiver. There is a VERY long list but no 2800 or 3700. The back of my receiver says it is a...
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    Problem setting up UHF remote on 512

    I recently had my 508 receiver replaced with a 512. I got It all hooked up and it is working, but I can’t get the UHF remote to work. The IR remote works fine but not the UHF. I think the receiver is not being set up right. I will probably call DISH later tonight, but thought I’d check...
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    Are Two Dishes Better than One?

    I am upgrading to HD next week. However, I can’t receive 129 from my current dish location (ground level right next to the house) as it is blocked by my neighbor’s house. It will have to be about 20 feet away from the current location and away from the house to avoid trees. Seems like...
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    Am I headed toward an Installation Problem?

    I recently called Dish to upgrade from a 508 to a 722 w/ HD and scheduled my install for last week. When the installer got there – he said the current location of my dish can’t see the 129 signal – my neighbor’s garage is in the way. (According to dishpointer,com – he’s right!) My dish is...
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    DISH improperly zooming on letterboxed SD NBC broadcasts in Chicago

    Several NBC shows (e.g., The Office, ER) are broadcast in standard definition in a letterboxed format – with black bar above and below the picture. When I watch those shows on WMAQ in Chicago on my Echostar Dish 508 (not HD), the picture is zoomed with both edges cut off. I can tell because...