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    Dish Billing issues

    Heres the deal. Yesterday was the Forth time, we get an automated call from Dish Network sayin if we don't pay our Bill by the 20th we will be charged a late fee, so my wife goes online to check our account, she sees our check number, and the amount of the Bill and it even says dish Network...
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    Uncharted: Drakes Fortune

    Awesome game! just got it on PS3. graphics are outstanding on the 114" screen, very realistic, and so far really easy(on easy mode), i only played for about a n hour so far, but if ya like tomb raider type games, this is a classic, although the pirates can be a pain in the arse
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    Anything new on the 20 uplinked last week?

    Just wondering and waiting..........:hungry:
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    what HD channels will come next?

    Has Dish announced anything up and comming post yesterdays big drop? I know they released a statement about up and comming weeks, but has anyone actually heard of new channels?
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    hd only package confusion

    Ok, heres what I need. After 3 attempts with the CSR, and all the confusion, those of you who have the HD only package, what is the channel list? i tried dish's site but then am told its not right, so what are they? Also, I have no localHD and probly won't for a long time, can I still get...
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    Onkyo sr800 good buy?

    I am finishing my basement, and was planning on getting the Onkyo 7.1. Is it a good buy? I mainly wanted it for the speaker upgrade capability. i also am installing a PS3 80g for blue ray and gaming, and have the Sanyo 1080P projector with a painted screen 113". B4 I pull the trigger on...
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    Comcast channel lineups?

    HI New here, I currently have Dish net, and am tired of watchin locals in SD, anyway, I was on Comcasts site, and there is no Channle line up for the Digital starter package. what exactly are the channels in it? I am going to be signing up for HD, 2 HD boxes and one HDDVR. Thanx,