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    The benefits of proper dish alignment

    We've had a little snow in Denver over the past couple days, and this is what I woke up to this morning. 119 was completely gone, but was still getting signal in the 20's on 110 and 129 conus and 45 on the 129 spotbeam. I must have had a great tech put this dish up.
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    Dish ID/opinions wanted

    Looking to get started in FTA and found an 8' mesh dish on my local craigslist. Can anyone tell if this would be a good dish to start out with or should I keep poking around for something better? 8' Steel Mesh Satellite Dish
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    Commission determines cause of AMC14 Breeze M Failure

    RUSSIAN COMMISSION DETERMINES CAUSE of AMC-14 BREEZE M FAILURE MOSCOW, April 21, 2008 - The Russian State Commission investigating the AMC-14 failure of a Proton Breeze M launch has traced the cause to the rupture of the gas duct between the gas generator and the propellant pump turbine in the...
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    Dishonline question/issue

    Does anyone know of any problems with Dishonline's Dish Network account validation? I've tried a number of times to enter my account number and it always sits there for a minute and then tells me it timed out and try again later. I've tried a couple of different times a day, and the days have...