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    Super Bowl

    Hello All any place I can point a dish and get the super bowl? I have Direct TV and they won't let me have CBS. I also have a BUD and Prime star. Thanks
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    Help. I've been looking for an hour for a link that I'm sure I found on this forum. It goes to a web site that you can put your address in and the sat you are looking for and it shows a picture of where you are and the direction to point your dish and a bunch of other angles, skews ect...
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    lnb setting on C band ect....

    Have the BUD up and working but am only getting a fraction of the channels listed. For example on 99 west G16 I only get WAPA with no sound. ON 97 west G19 I get all the channels. on 101 West I only get golden eagle. When doing a scan with my FTA box it ask for type of lnb the first 2 choices...
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    Where am I??

    Hello tring to get FTA going. Got a good signal and did a blind scan and came up with these 5 scrambled channels. 155 FUEL 403 NHLN 625 NHLN 834 PSNES 848 CBBIS From this information can someone tell me what sat. I am pointed at?
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    Picture going, going , gone

    I had a BUD hooked up to my house for years and would look through the sats from time to time. The picture kept getting worse every year till there was none. Question. Does this sound like LNB problem? If I replace the LNB will my 16 year old Uniden receiver still work?
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    OLD Primestar dish?

    I have a very old Primestar dish ( not round) approx. 40" wide and 30" tall, if I but a new LNB on it should it work to pull in G18.