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    coax amp

    i know really not much about coax cabling and all that jazz but i do know that there is a signal loss problem with my splitter and the 2 tv's hooked up. So here is what is the problem. when i have the line from the wall to the 42" LCD with QAM tuner picking up the unscrambled locals in HD for...
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    Dish HD FREE for 6 months

    So I was looking through this retailer chat and I guess I had missed this before. On August 15th will the $100 rebates for new subscribers and new HD subscribers respectively go away with the new 6 months free promotion? I fell like that is less than the current promotion and it just may light a...
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    Please help a dish hopeful

    Recently bought a new 42" LCD and right now we have cable for our internet and tv service. Here is our cable provider Northland Cable Television - Starkville, MS Northland Cable sucks big time already but even worse for HD content. If you look under the services tab they want $75/month for the...