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  1. spindoctor

    ENTER HERE: Win a C Band Dish & LNB from SatelliteAV!(Contest Over)

    MY BIG FAT Satellite dish - I don't want a satellite dish that gets every station. I only want one that gets Guy stations. That means no Home Shopping Network, no E! Entertainment Television, and certainly no Lifetime Network ("the network for women who hate men"). This satellite dish would only...
  2. spindoctor

    Cascading Multiswitches or 8x1 multiswitch

    ICEBERG little steep you might want to get it directly from europe they sell for 37.00 euro plus shipping
  3. spindoctor

    New C Band Feedhorn Design

    VITO the guy that was on telesatellite magazine gave me an idea yesterday what if ....the scalar ring was much deeper........well take a look waiting for your comments.
  4. spindoctor

    SatelliteAV geosatpro 1.2 shipping price.

    i wonder what lucky person is going to win the package giveaway
  5. spindoctor


    here is a bargain for a sat meter, NO........ this is not mine, i saw it and passing it on EBAY # 200015456774 they usually go for 300-400
  6. spindoctor

    A question to ask

    RVD420 can you salvage the dish on the roof? looking at your picture it seems to be intact from the back anyway.
  7. spindoctor

    A question to ask

    RVD420 sorry to hear your loss if you come near chicago i have stuff to give you , wish i was closer. i feel your pain, and i hope your insurance company does the right thing they tend to find ways not to pay for people's losses.
  8. spindoctor

    Satellite Spiltter for KU setup

    THANKS any idea of the cost? so all the movers are diseqc?have you tested one yet ? is this the first diseqc mover for a c band antenna? that you dont need the V BOX that is...........any dealers in illinois?
  9. spindoctor

    Satellite Spiltter for KU setup

    so when do you expect the new C BAND dish and the new diseqc mover?
  10. spindoctor

    Satellite Spiltter for KU setup

    here is your answer the guy is very nice ,dr farrag hxxp:// he has different sizes ,actually it doesn't look like a regular antenna(dish) satellite av the guy is looking for someone to manufacture distribute his dishes in usa.
  11. spindoctor

    1.2 Meter Microbud Users

    oh you can get lots of channels even more so if you have a motor,the way the motor tilts the dish you can even get 2 birds at the same time(within 4 degrees,i know i have) good alignment is a must.
  12. spindoctor

    Microbud Help

    SCOTT the lnb you have is not as sensitive as the ones from dmsi also on mine the lnbf sits just barely in the scalar ring enough to screw it on then loosen up the holder ,slowly moving the lnbf front or back to the optimum position. a strong satellite is 805 lots of channels, you can try...
  13. spindoctor

    Elevation and Latitude?

    it looks like the dish is bent somewhat
  14. spindoctor

    Went and picked up a new dish today

    i like it it's solid,it's made for their dishes and if you decide to use a motor ,which i have u can use a split pvc pipe (the grey one)2" ,that fits perfect in the mount. I forgot to tell you the mount has an extra plate , i guess to be used with different dishes.
  15. spindoctor

    Went and picked up a new dish today

    doc you can check with mike kohl he always carries mounts that size plus he is a member here
  16. spindoctor

    Went and picked up a new dish today

    it looks the same as 1.1m channel master ,i have one just like it i have a 3" mount that thing is huge ,i dont like to use it ,you can get another mount from dow electronics 2 3/8 i think it's 26.00 shipped,at least that's what i paid for it.
  17. spindoctor

    Slingbox with a Coolsat or Fortec?

    eastcost slingbox is a timeshift device ,with that you are able to watch your channels anywhere you have broadband connection,you can actually use a remote on your screen to change the channels.take a look (
  18. spindoctor

    Slingbox with a Coolsat or Fortec?

    scott ask at JP1 you will need the device and subdevice (NEC1) codes for this STB and if i am not mistaken you will get the specific codes from the learning remote.
  19. spindoctor

    Another C/KU Band LNB

    pete i was joking.... 6 scalar rings in a year.............. that's bad plus i have the production :hatsoff:
  20. spindoctor

    Slingbox with a Coolsat or Fortec?

    scott get the file here for your coolsat remote to work properly by the way you noticed the monsoon timeshift media coming july 31st that will give sling a run for the money.