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    Why do dishnetwork use an installer on upgrade?

    Yes, you need an upgrade, he will put in a 1000.2 a separator, a couple of diplexors to backfeed and you are good to go
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    Dish courtesy call

    yes, they monitor via phone line or broadband connection, if your signal is below the threshold for certain transponders/satellite for your area, they will call to set up a service call, and troubleshoot over the phone. This increased monitoring, is projected to help reduce churn, because they...
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    No Ground Wire On New Dish Installation

    IF your dish gets a direct hit, it will blow out the roof no matter if the cables run through it or not. Grounding a dish doesn't protect from lightning strikes it reduces the chance of the dish getting hit by lightning. By correctly grounding the system, ie utility ground within 15 ft of the...
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    I want to go back to dish- questions.

    622 plain and simple
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    Dish and a PC-TV Tuner Card,possible?

    get a modulator and take the TV 2 RCA outputs to the modulator which will convert to channel 3 or 4 and than send to your distribution, your PC will pick it up than, should be around $15-40 depending on where you pick one up
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    HD "locals/networks" in North Dakota

    your best bet is an external antenna, as with your tower locations, you should be able to pick up PBS, NBC and ABC OTA HD.
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    Question about Dish Pro Plus DPP Separator #123254

    that is correct, second cable, how about off air antenna, for local HD channels would be a safe bet
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    Interesting situation

    i don't see your point at all in this situation, most services similar to satellite offer reduced costs to new customers who agree to a lease, because of the guaranteed revenue stream, so why would they give the same deal to someone, lose money on the receiver and not have a guarantee on...
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    New Construction Initial Hookup

    actually the best set up for prewire, is 5 wires outside with one cable at least being messenger, 3 RG 6, and 2 cat5e to each location in the house, you end up with plenty of cable to do anything, a phone hookup and internet hookup at each location. , but with your setup, he needs to install the...
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    DP Plus Twin LNB with DP34 switch??? HELP!!!!

    why not get 2 DP duals and save more money?? using a DPP twin in this situation isn't necessary save 60 bucks and put in a couple of duals
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    Dish 500+ /1000 Instalation Manuals and Product Info

    118.7 is a FSS band and not compatible with your other lnbs and switches, if you need this you don't have a choice but to upgrade, PS the dish is almost as big as a super dish
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    625 tv1 modulation problem

    One is your syhstem grounded? 2 is the plug in used by the receiver and TV grounded(3 prong)? 3 have you tried a different TV to verify it is the reciever?
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    Looking for exert help/advice

    or why not buy a cheap little ch 4 modulator, hook your antenna and tv 2 together first, than run into the antenna port of the combiner, run your sat feed into the ch 4 input and it should clear everything up. that is how I have my 625 hooked up to feed the whole house, so you can have either...
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    Number of dishes

    you will need either a dish 1000 or the 61.5 bird for your 622, it comes with the install
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    The ABSOLUTE Dumbest Level 2 HD tech on the Planet!

    so what you are actually saying is you have 2 dishes on the roof, one 500 and one 1000 dish. the 1000 doesn't have a triple LNB, it has 1 Dish Pro Plus Twin, and 1 DP single, as far as them saying that you needed a 44, they actually were correct (they just didn't give you the right reason why)...
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    Will different lnb increase signal strength?

    what are your readings on other transponders?
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    Will different lnb increase signal strength?

    if you are only getting 40, one of several things are wrong, dish is pointed incorrectly (most likely) lnb is bad, cabling and accesories are bad, or receiver is bad. you should be able to maintain anywhere between 85-120 for signal, so try repointing first than try other alternatives
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    522 freezing - CSR blames power strip??

    actually there is actually some truth behind the power strip, just not in most cases, the newer receivers sometimes act funky when there is no ground plug in the system, we had an account that everything had been replaced twice, tested the gentlemen's power strip( no coax suppressor, just elect)...
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    Superdish 121 vs Dish 1000

    no they are not identical, the 1000 is just a little bit bigger than the 500 dish, the 121, needs to be that big due to the FSS signal(121), you probably had the 121 for local channels, which will be moved to the 110 location soon, at that time you will not need that location
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    I'm stuck in a nightmare - HELP!!!

    Get a hold of your local office and see if they can push up your install date, most of the time they can