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    RG59/U Cable

    actually, I'm in-house. I used to be a sub. When I was a sub, I saw alot of sh!tty jobs that is done by in-house too. Probably most in-house do a good job,but the bad ones cause the most TC or repeat calls. The jobs that are done right, you never see because it never need fixing. It holds...
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    RG59/U Cable

    I resent this statement! :(
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    Dish HD: sound, but no picture

    looks like a handshake issue, try a different brand hdmi or just use component
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    Grounding Q...

    if you can , run the coxial from dish to electric meter, ground it on the meter( within 20 feet, shorter the better), run the coxial back from ground block to the dish. or ground to the cold water pipe on the water heater or relocate dish
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    Don't use

    Boy, there sure alot of employees in this thread.
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    Will Dish run an extra line for the future?

    hope that won't become a TC,
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    Quick Install

    yeap, you are right, but lower wages bring lower skills of work. The top techs are getting out of this business and finding different kinds of work. "No real question here, other than, how stupid does an installer have to be to disconnect a existing cable in an apartment building to make it...
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    How do you make a roof mount leakproof?

    Tar patch, Bishop tape, and pitch patch are the same, just different company call it differently. It is mandatory for DirecTV and Dish network’s techs to use bishop tape. Bishop tape works very well in creating a sealed on the roof and sticks to the asphalt shingles very will and holds up...
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    How do you make a roof mount leakproof?

    I use tar patches or pitch patches, to sealed the lags. Yeap, use this or roof cement is optimal.
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    Adam Lambert closes AMA's in a weird way

    He is a great singer but the french kissing that guitar dude and getting a simulated blowjob from his backup dancer is too much, especially for public tv and coming from a family oriented brand like American Idol. I glad he didn't win on American Idol. Decency in public tv is going down the drain.
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    activating the DVR feature on a VIP211K - NOT !!

    clueless csr, hang up and try another csr.
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    yeap, it is circular. I though it was linear too, since it uses a larger reflector. Since it uses the lower frequency it needs the larger reflector.
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    nfusion 'joiner'

    hmmm.... hooking up 110 119 118 129 to a 4x1 DiSEqc and a NFusion Box , hmmm, something wrong with this picture.
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    negative, 118 (1F port) and 119(2D port) are on seperate ports, and 110 is on the right bracket (if face toward lnb) and the 129 is on the left bracket. Since you also asking about NFusion FTA boxes on the other thread, I think you are referring to non-OEM Dishnetwork lnb where the single port...
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    all of them are circular polarity. 110, 119, 129 are cirular polarity at 11250 frequency 118 is a cirular polarity at 10750 121, its Linear at 10750
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    Question for current or x dish employees.

    I think they test you on differential equation.
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    7 1/2 hour install and still nothing

    I feel sorry for the customer because of the sale representative making a sale, but I can relate to the tech. I think all experience techs can relate to what the tech is going through. This is too common for Directv and Dish Network sales partners to mess up, miss inform, and make outrages...
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    7 1/2 hour install and still nothing

    poor, poor installer.
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    Neighbor taking satellite signal??

    The neighbor shouldn't be hold accountable, it is the installer that use his dish. The neighbor don't know anything about satellite installation and rely on the Directv installer. The installer gets pay to install a dish and runs the lines. It is require for the installer to put one dish to...
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    Neighbor taking satellite signal??

    I would too. After I cut the cable, I would call Directv, and file a complaint on the lazy ass installer who plug the cable to your dish.