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    HR-44 3D trouble

    Had the same problem. Restart the box. That should clear it.
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    Cinemax and HBO have been added

    Depends... Se Hablas Espanolo???
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    "moved' tonight to escape north east black out on NHL network for Flyers

    I moved to our other home in the midwest and never moved back. The funny thing.... Both markets use the same transponder frequencies for locals so I get the right locals at each home. Makes it easy to go back and forth. Don't have to vacation disconnect etc...
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    DirecTV: get new customers to pay old customer's unpaid bills.

    How about... You're full of it... Now just pay up the account in your name, and DirecTV will allow you to open a new account in your wifes name. Year, but that's Dish. This thread is about DirecTV.
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    Wiring a new house, need advice on heavy-duty set-up

    Use single CAT 6 and two lines to the locati0n of the base station. If you have to expand the ethernet network in a given room, then just add a 5 or 10-port switch at that location and one port becomes 4 or 9. On the cables, you do have an option now with the SWM - fro one RG-6 line vs 2...
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    Protection Plan - Premier

    Anyone know if the protection plan is still included in Premier????? Searched for it, couldn't find anything. Which means someone will be providing a link to a thread about this in less than 30 seconds.
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    CNBC: If NFL Lockout in 2011, D* still on hook for $700 Million

    Got that right. They should get a contract, but get the league minimum until they've played a season or two where the money would kick in. Or, if they are stellar players right out the gate the pay moves up. The drafts of the past are just riddled with players that made massive bank and...
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    CNBC: If NFL Lockout in 2011, D* still on hook for $700 Million

    The NFL would be stupid to not settle this issue with the players. As much as I love football, the whole money issue is so out of hand its disgusting.
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    HR24 or wait for the Tivo, or other?

    I'm in the mood to upgrade equipment now that we've settled on staying with Directv but not budging until I can see what the HMC30 will do or TiVo. HMC is supposed to be able to stream programing to internet enabled televisions eliminating the box and have more than 2 tuners (could...
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    Possible NFL RedZone offering on Directv w/o Sunday Ticket

    We know Superfan is $99. Read the page. Particularly the asterisk about getting HD: DIRECTV: Sports : NFL SUNDAY TICKET : Overview If it were included, there wouldn't be a second tab for it calling it an "Upgrade".
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    Possible NFL RedZone offering on Directv w/o Sunday Ticket

    I'm with ya. I want to see this in writing. All I see is $314 and $99 for Superfan on the site. Apparently some people around here have so much free time on their hands they can play CSR roulette by calling 20 times a day until they get SF for free.
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    TiVO's vs HR2x's

    New box said to have Netflix, Blockbuster and Amazon. Music library from PC (DirecTV never got this right) Slow Motion - DirecTV Box sucks at this. Overall Speed is better on Tivo- which goes to ease of use. In some instances, Tivo may have more steps, but like I said, its intuitive...
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    Directv First Quarter Report

    Are you serious? Both boxes have advantages and disadvantages, but you're completely nuts if you think the DirecTV box has an edge (and I'm not saying TiVo has the edge either). Its just that half your arguments for why TiVo is at a disadvantage are bogus. It's not an issue of the...
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    12 Channels Having Technical Difficulties

    Could be this> Looks like they are going to try and light up Galaxy 15 sometime today in a last ditch effort to kill it. Galaxy 15 Still Adrift Poses Threat to Its Orbital Neighbors | On May 3, Intelsat will play what as of April 30 appeared to be its last card by blasting...
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    New Direct TV & Tivo DVR Delayed Again

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    DIRECTV to Launch ESPN 3D to Millions of Customers Nationwide

    Yet only 10 will watch.... :D
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    Price Increase on NFLST for 2010 season

    He can't. D* can charge whatever they want to make up what they bid on the package. The NFL only stipulates the rules with regard to blackouts and availability.
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    DIRECTV Confirms Channel Moves

    Cinemax has been a joke forever, but the promise of HBO expansion coupled with the price hike, then the non-delivery was bull....:rant:
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    So is there any official word on upcoming channels?

    With the channel moves, this is my guess for the 500's. Just remove the ones they have already: HBO HBO E 501 HBO HBO2 E 502 HBO HBO Sig E 503 HBO HBO W 504 HBO HBO2 W 505 HBO HBO Sig W 506 HBO HBO Fam E 507 HBO HBO Fam W 508 HBO HBO Com E 509 HBO HBO Com W 510 HBO HBO Lat E 511...