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    Tailgater system, am I having a problem or is it simply where I am located?

    I unboxed my new Tailgater yesterday and within minutes after hooking everything up I had a signal. I then called and had the receiver activated. Everything works fine with the exception of the 129° satellite. While I seem to not have any issues with the general HD channels on the 129°...
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    1000.2 or 1000.4 lnb for my traveling Hopper RV setup?

    I live in the Pittsburgh, PA market and just recently switched to Dish Network. I plan on taking a Hopper with me camping. I need to purchase the dish, node, lnb, signal meter, etc. Is there a way to receive my locals while I am on the road from the Pittsburgh market? Will the purchase of a...
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    I need help creating my RV Dish shopping list.

    I recently switched from DirecTV to Dish. I had everything necessary to take my equipment on the road with me but now I am starting over. I already have a tripod that I was using so I think that I'm good to go with that. I plan on taking my Hopper and one Joey with me. I reside in western PA...
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    2 Hopper - 3 Joey - Network issues

    I just got a 2 Hopper, 3 Joey system installed this past Saturday. The two Joeys that are linked to Hopper A are able to view/access recordings from either Hopper. The Joey hooked up to Hopper B can only play recordings on Hopper B. When I try to use this Joey to view recordings from Hopper...
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    Hopper as a standalone receiver

    I'm thinking of switching to Dish Network. I spoke to a rep at Dish and was told for my setup, (5 HDTV's), I'd need 2 Hoppers and 3 Joeys. My question is, can I take that second Hopper with me when I go camping and hook it up to another Dish Network satellite dish so I can have satellite TV...