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    H20 HDMI problems

    Happy Holidays! I have had an H20 (with a 3 LNB Dish) for 2 weeks now and am having HDMI issues firmware is 0F03 (it took this firmware update and it made no difference) typical problem is runnung HDMI to a Sharp LC-26 LCD: the Sharp displays 1080i for a second, then defaults to a VGA...
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    942 RF remote stopped working

    Hello got a new 942 (not activated yet) and everything was working fine; including both remotes sent it some IR codes from an RTI T3 and now the 942 will not respond to the RF remote: I checked RF address: OK works OK with IR remote: worked fine with RF remote until I sent it some codes...
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    Sony HD-300 RF remote antenna dilema

    I want to replace an HD100 with an HD 300 used in a whole house application that is controlled by an attic mounted FM antenna for the remote control I have been STUMPED so far because the HD300 has a different RF remote antenna/connector and the wiring is different: I have had no luck in...
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    RF remote programming info

    I am using the 4DTV RF remote made by Motorola to operate the VOOM stb (works great!) It also functions as a universal remote and its default settings control a Sony TV How can I reprogram the remote to operate other devices? I would need the codes plus instructions please Thanks
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    VOOM fails to issue refund HELP PLEASE!

    I am posting here in hopes a VOOM rep will come to my assistance I am an early VOOM adopter, have the premium package, and love VOOM My problem is NO refund since I switched to the rental plan in April: VOOM owes me $800.00 and CSR says they will escalate and I will get a call back in 24...