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    Remote: LIMITED MODE CHANNEL SCAN - No Excuses!

    AUTHOR: Ken P. PUBLISHED: 02-22-06 LOCATION: DNSC - Charlotte, NC FIRST PUBLICLY RELEASED: 02-25-06 SUBJECT: Customer Education - Trouble Call Rates TO: Field Service Specialist, Sub-Contractors PROGRAMMING LIMITED MODE ON REMOTES... NO EXCUSE!!! Past...
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    Residential Satellite Internet Coming Soon!

    Rumor says D* and Direct are going to provide joint funding on satellite internet aye? I presume satellite downlink speed and DSL style uplink speed with pending mergers? Anyone have good details on this project?
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    Funny Story, Out sourcing with a punchline!

    I've been having problems with my re-manufactured 522 I received on my installation that was supposed to be a 625. Everything I've recorded locks up from time to time for a few seconds before resuming play and it cheats me out of time according to stats because everything doesn't add up to equal...