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    Sound drops out when switching from DD channel to Stereo (HD to SD)

    OK, if I've got 20 views and nobody's even seen the same problem, I think it's safe to say that this is a problem with my Marantz simply "losing touch" with the HR20 when it changes formats, and I suspect another AVR would not have this problem.
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    Sound drops out when switching from DD channel to Stereo (HD to SD)

    I know there is a long list of audio problems, but I haven't seen this specific problem. My HD-DVR is connected to my TV via HDMi and to my Marantz receiver via optical. I've had this setup since last August and it worked fine, throughout the HD channel upgrades etc. About a month (maybe...
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    Total Recorder & PCR

    I'm assuming it monitors the XMPCR application and pulls the tags from the window header.
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    Total Recorder & PCR

    I just got myself an XMDirect in hopes of TimeTraxing (of course that's not happening) I've been able to record with Total Recorder but not label and split the tracks accurately - what's your secret!??
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    HD network quality (channels 80-89)

    Dear god, don't take it so hard. I can tell this is a touchy issue for you so I won't address the obvious picture quality difference I observe between OTA feeds from Los Angeles broadcasts and what I saw immediately upon switchign to DTV. I'll pretend I never noticed that because I don't want...
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    HD network quality (channels 80-89)

    Is it just me or has the HD quality been dropping a bit on the networks over the past few months? Are they compressing more or something? I think I need to put my antenna up and compare the DTV feed to the OTAs. It's possible that my CRT RPTV got bumped out of calibration so nothing looks...
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    HR10-250 OTA Tuner issues

    Quick question - I've got an HR10-250 as well and receive great OTA HD... I'm considering cutting my DTV subscription for awhile but I don't want to miss a couple of shows I can catch OTA. Does the OTA tuner still work if you're not an active subscriber? Do DVR functions work (I assume not).
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    921 Receiver at Costco

    I bought one there. Returned it after the superbowl. Horrible, horrible piece of equipment.
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    D* now downrezzes all 1080i channels to 1280

    If I hadn't received my HD DVR for free, I'd be really pissed about this issue. Fortunately once I get off my lazy arse and re-mount my OTA on the roof (and tell the HOA where they can stick their bylaws) the DVR will be able to record all my favorites at their glorious full resolution (which...
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    DirectTV HDTV and EDTV receiver

    It WILL be an improvement, if only because SD channels are so horribly compressed. Watching an HD feed even at half-resolution with your TV should still look a lot better. And you'll get much better audio quality along with 5.1 surround on some programs if you're using digital output to a...
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    audio sync problem with "24" on fox hd

    I've got the HD Tivo receiver and I've had terminal audio sync problems with about 60% of Fox HD programming. No trouble with other channels. My OTA antenna is down at the moment so I can't compare. But it bugs the crap out of me. American Idol was so bad I honestly had to look away from the...
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    HD Tivo worth it?

    I honestly couldn't justify the price. But I got one for free. So I didn't turn it down. And having come from a Dish 921... I'd say if $800 is in your budget, and you like HD, it's worth it. I've adapted to Tivo. It's a way of life and has been for 2 years now. If I got a HD receiver...
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    American Idol on fox west coast HD tonight

    :eek: What's going on? The sound is cutting out CONSTANTLY. I'm pretty sure it's not my equipment, my receiver shows a constant 5.1 signal, but it's dropping like every 5-10 seconds. I'm assuming that this is happening before it ever gets to DTV's satellites, but I don't know. Anyone else?
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    Would like to hear from the peeps that ENJOY their 921

    I like the unit quite a lot, over the past week or so. I have only two problems - 1) I switched from DirecTivo to Dish DVR. Losing NBR and the Tivo interface SUCKS. 2) The remote won't control volume through my Marantz receiver, which means I have to two-fist remotes at all times...
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    921 Remote + Marantz Receiver / Amp?

    Yeah, that's the way I had my 501's UHF remote set up as well. Infuriates me that they apparently killed the relevant Marantz codes. :mad:
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    921 Remote + Marantz Receiver / Amp?

    Yeah, my Marantz came with a really nice universal remote but it's tough to map in all the DBS and PVR features onto it.
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    921 Remote + Marantz Receiver / Amp?

    So just for kicks, I manually went through all the Marantz codes, for every type of device; none of them will get the volume control working. Running a code-by-code search for all types of aux devices won't get the power to kick on/off, so I'm assuming there's NO action here. This is strange...
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    921 Remote + Marantz Receiver / Amp?

    :shocked Seriously? The 4 codes in the manual won't TOUCH my Marantz SR7200 receiver. I'm relatively certain the UHF remote on my old PVR501 could handle it, and my old DirecTiVO remote was flawless. This can't be difficult. All the nice Marantz receivers use the same remote! I've...
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    921 Remote + Marantz Receiver / Amp?

    please delete! double post, sorry!
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    Brand new 921 on my old Dish 500 twin antenna??

    D'oh!! Got it now, thanks!