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    New Install Issues

    Just had a subcontractor come out to the house to look at a new install, two HD boxes and MRV, he didn't look very professional and seemed a little shady. He used a cellphone app to check line of sight, is this the proper way? I have a Suunto Compass Clinometer and it looks close to me. He...
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    Vip 222 Upgrade Options

    I would like to add a 222 to my account. I currently lease a 622 and would like to stick to leasing other than buying the 222. I have tried to look at online at the upgrade options, but the account services is not currently working. So what are my options to add a leased 222 to my account...
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    Cell Phone Interference

    My next door neighbor stop me yesterday to tell me that my satellite dish was interfering with their cell phones. He said they have to go to the front of the house away from the dish to get a signal. I have a dish 500 pointed over the top of their house to get 61.5. I think that this is bogus...
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    Peaking Dish 1000

    I have recently added my old Dish 500 to the input for the 129 sat on the Dish 1000 to pick up 61.5. I was getting a max of 60 on the 1000 on 129 and now get 110 max on the 61.5. My question would be which adjustment elevation, azimuth, or skew would I need to adjust on the 1000 to peak the...
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    Dish 1000 and Adding 61.5

    Is it possible to add 61.5 to the input on the DP Plus Twin where the 129 connects on the Dish 1000 and then connect the 129 straight to the 622? I was wondering if there was a solution without using a switch. Thanks, JEFF
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    Dish 1000 Question

    I am building a new house and was wondering how many coax lines I need to run from the dish mounting point to my centralized wiring closet. I will have a 622 and a 211 in the future.