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    Echostar Press Conference Recap

    I want to know this too. USB storage is great but I am not interested in moving a USB drive from room to room. Both receivers have ethernet. Just allow the 211 to play 622 records over IP!
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    Sharing recordings between VIP receivers...

    I am thinking about getting a second HDTV soon. While I like the 622 quite a bit, I can't see myself spending the money to lease another one or to buy one out-right. Which means I'll probably end up with a 211. Has there been any discussion about adding the ability to view recordings from a...
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    Message on Guide " Soon you will be able to view on single dish..."

    Here is your answer...
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    622 Sound Loss

    I got the 622 a few days ago and now I am experiencing a similar problem. Just out of curiosity, are you guys using HDMI, HDMI/DVI converter + optical cable, or component + optical cable? For the first few days, I was using component cables with an optical cable. Never experienced any...
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    Let me get this have all been waiting for 2/1 and E* really blew it!!

    Call me crazy but I really don't care if it takes a month until I get the receiver. As long as it works as it should, I'll be happy. If they need to delay it a little while to fix a chip, that is fine. Until then, I will enjoy watch what I can with my 811. Why do people need to complain...
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    Post Your Upgrade Experience Here

    Called at 7:10 CST On hold till 7:50 CST Was told the systems were "messed up" and that I will need to call back later.
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    Post your COMMENTS about the Upgrade Here

    What is the best number to call? I called 1-800-333-DISH at 7:10 CST and I've been on hold for about 25 mins. When I first called the estimated wait time was "greater than 15 mins". Not sure how long I will wait this out.
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    Moving... transfer service or new subscriber?

    I've been a long-time lurker, occasional poster here. I'd appreciate any advice people can give me. I've been a Dish subscriber for over 3 years. I lease a 508 and own an 811. In late January I'll be moving to a house with my brother. The way I see it, I could transfer my service to the...
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    "Recall" button while on OTA channel...

    Does anyone else have a problem trying to switch back and forth between OTA and satellite channels using the "recall" button? If I am on a local channel that has been remapped, recall doesn't work. If I am on a local channel that has not been mapped, recall works. If I am on a satellite...
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    266 ever coming to 811

    Will 266 fix the fuzzy SD picture? I have a 508 and 811 attached to the same TV. The HD on 811 looks great (attached through DVI) but the SD is very fuzzy compared to the 508 (attached through svideo).
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    Do you leave your E* receivers on ........

    You definitely want to turn the DVR off every night. Having the receiver constantly recording will really wear it down over time.
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    TEN (HD TNT) to debut 5-17-04

    I think the original poster has it wrong. It is TNT-HD. TNT and TNT-HD are part of TEN (Turner Entertainment Networks).
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    The 811 OTA Digital Channel Mapping Issue

    Same problem in St. Louis... 56 -> 4 and 31 -> 30 will not map properly. I wish there was a way to manually do it.
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    921 aspect ratio screen shots

    If you use component or DVI cables, the TV can't do the stretching. The receiver has to. At least that is the way my TV works.
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    Dish lost my 811 order... what should I do?

    On Dec 4th, I order an 811 receiver from Dish and was told the installation would be Dec 18th. After hearing about all the people having trouble with installers not showing up and moving install dates without notice, I thought I would call today to confirm my appointment. When I talked to...